Life is good…And That Is A True Tragedy

Because life has the constant potential to be Amazing, to settle for ‘good’ is to sacrifice Amazing.   And that is tragic.

“Life is good…I can’t stand my job, but things are good at home, and my job gives me a steady income, so I guess things aren’t so bad.”

That is called settling.  My friend said that to me the other day, and I wished there was something I could do to help him see the Amazing Life that is eagerly awaiting him the moment he opens his heart and mind to it.

It has been said “Good is the enemy to Great.  I would add that even great, if it doesn’t encompass one’s entire existence, is the enemy to Amazing.

I believe This Is A Truly Amazing Life.  And it deserves to be lived for what it is.  I don’t believe we came to this earth to see if we could figure out how to have a ‘pretty good‘ existence.

I don’t believe it is compatible with our true nature, to waste even one moment settling for a second-rate, miserable experience in any aspect of our lives.

I believe each person on this planet is equally endowed with freedom to choose and a divine connection to infinite intelligence.   I believe that ALL people are truly amazing at the core, but many do not remember that yet, so, many of us are not enjoying the fullness of our divine privilege and birthright.

To say “I hate my job,” or “I’m bored with my work, but I’m going to keep plugging away, getting by, because it pays the bills,” is no different than saying, “I don’t believe I deserve an Amazing Life.  It is how life is supposed to be that we are only happy with some aspects of it.  I’m OK with just feeling good occasionally, life was not meant to be that great anyway.  Maybe if I just stick it out at this crappy job that I hate for another few years, then somehow a great job that I love will come along.  Then I’ll be truly happy.”

Those are all just a bunch of lies though.

We are ALL so much more deserving, amazing, genius and capable than any of us can even begin to fathom.  We come directly from God. We are part of the infinite intelligence of the universe.  We are connected to it, and we are never separated from it.  And we cannot even comprehend the magnitude of the power, strength, genius, goodness and love that we are inherently part of.

So why not forget about ‘good’ entirely and look only at Amazing?

To me, anything less, is not who I am, and it’s not acceptable to me.   In my view, settling for less than the Amazing that is inherent in me is the biggest tragedy ever.

Instead of settling, let’s accept the truth of who we are – absolutely amazing beings fully deserving of a Truly Amazing Life – and let’s live for that!

  • Let’s go to what used to be our “boring” or “annoying” or “frustrating” jobs or businesses with a completely different set of eyes.
  • Let’s go there knowing we will find the good today.
  • Let’s go forward with pure gratitude in our hearts for the opportunities right in our face.
  • Let’s decide to love all aspects of our life, and pour out our soul in love and service wherever we are.

We don’t need a new job or anything else to experience a full, passionate, amazing life.  We simply need to change the way we look at things, and the things we look at will change.

“To Choose To See Your Entire Life as Truly Amazing, Is To Make It So.”

So Stop settling and Start LIVING!

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