K is for Kindness

First a big thanks to Debbie for clearing my writers block!

She suggested K is for Kindness…perfect!

If anyone has suggestions for Q, U, or N, I’m all ears!

(I already have Z, it’s a good one…you’ll have to wait for it though 😉

(and no, it’s not Zebra…I know Zebras are cool, but there’s a better fit)

Here’s the how Kindness fits in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life


How do you feel when you’re unkind?


How do you feel when you’re kind?


Any questions?

Here’s living amazingly in one powerful word: Kindness.

It starts toward yourself with your habits of thought, which create your mood instantly, like it or not.

Depending on whether you choose kindness or spite you fill yourself up with either turmoil or light.

The choice is yours, but habits have carved deep paths in your brain that need to resolve.

These paths need re-doing through small efforts each day. So be kind in your thoughts, and joy comes your way.

I had the opportunity to visit an amazing private school in Denver called the Aspen Academy.

It blew my mind, I had no idea previously there was a school out there whose core teachings were based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (among many other amazing things they do there.)

And they only have 1 rule at the Aspen Academy.

Can you guess what it is?

If you could only have one rule for your family, your business, your school, or whatever group you’re involved in…

…what would it be?

Their One And Only Rule:

Be Kind

That’s it.

Pretty cool in my opinion.

Think if you made that the main rule for your life?

How would that change the thoughts you speak toward yourself in your mind?

And then how would that then spread out and influence every single relationship in your life?

If you kept that rule diligently what would your life be like?

I’m guessing it would be truly amazing.

Because so much of our suffering starts with the unkind thoughts we think toward ourselves, which spreads out from there as we then spew out our lack of love on others.

Be kind!



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