Just let me be miserable…you’re messing up my song!

Did I overdo it on the horse analogy yesterday?

OK, I got a little carried away…I admit.

But it was fun, can you blame me? I like having fun;)

speaking of fun…here’s a comic for you.

Ever feel like there’s this big huge monstrosity of a divide between you and the people around…you see someone around you so happy and you feel so horrible? It’s like you’re in two different realms altogether.

Pretty common.


Ever been just irritated when you feel so beat down and discouraged to see a happy person? Especially when they just won’t shut up about how amazing life is?! I mean c’mon! So rude…can’t you just let me be miserable in peace!?!

(yes, i’m point the finger at smiley happy me on the left right now)

But noooo, they keep on smiling and whistling.

The nerve!

How dare they be so happy while I’m trying to be miserable over here!

Oh wait…I’m trying to be miserable?

Hmmmm…yeah…I guess I am now that you mention it.

But their stinking positive vibes are too much, they’re sucking me in…noooooooo!

Wait a minute…what’s this?

I think it’s starting to rub off on me.

Hey whaddaya know, I actually feel a little better.

Huh. That’s odd.

OK, I forgive you for being so happy, I guess.


We have all felt that annoyance I bet at one time or another.

But the reality is, we truly want to be happy. We just feel stuck, and since we are so far from a happy place and happy thoughts, there’s no way we can make the jump instantly. We see it as impossible to get to a happy place.

And in fact it is impossible.

You can’t just jump from the depressed energy field to overflowing with joy instantly.

It’s a process.

It’s an emotional scale.

You have to move up the scale one step at a time. And it can take many days sometimes. You don’t just jump right from one end to the other.

If you want a fantastic book on how to do that read ‘Ask and it is given’ by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Really wonderful book.


But if you’ll notice…the guy on the right couldn’t resist getting pulled up by the positive energy.

And while it shut down his sad song groove, hey, there’s nothing wrong with writing a happy song instead!


So if you’re feeling really down right now…then just work on making today a LITTLE BETTER!

If you’re already feeling good, then make today AMAZING!

How’s that? More sensitive?

Thank you comic strip for reminding me to be more conscientious of those of us who may be mired in a lot of negativity right now.



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