It’s time to get your MOVE on ;)

How are you feeling lately?

Are you enjoying your life thoroughly?

Or do you feel a nagging sense that it could be better?

One of the pillars on the Truly Amazing Life Poster says:

“Every moment, breath, bite of food, and interaction are a wonderful gift. ENJOY”

Are you enjoying each of those things immensely?


If not…my guess is that the one simple habit we are focusing on next month in 5 Minute Mental Mastery can turn your life around dramatically.

It may seem unrelated to those things, but it most definitely is related.

Your appreciation of each moment of life, of each bite of food, and your interactions with others are all improved when you establish this one habit.

I don’t claim to know all the reasons why, but I do know it works.

And the habit is MOVE.

When you engage your physical body in purposeful movement it’s like plugging you into an electric socket and charging up your life.

You know how it feels!

You’ve experienced it before.

That blissful state of post workout endorphins when you just feel happy.

When the whole day seems to roll effortlessly.

When you are just in a good mood and life feels great.

That is the all-too-common state of those rare individuals who have established the regular habit of MOVING.

I say rare, because in today’s sedentary age, it has become the norm to barely move our bodies at all.

And that is a major source of depression and unhappiness.

Yet as simple of a solution as it is, the solution evades most of us.

The vast majority of the population of this world (at least in first world countries) have a hard time with this.

We are so busy.

We lack energy because of our poor food sources.

And there are so many conveniences in our life that we are not required to work our bodies at all.

In the past, people were FORCED to move their body vigorously just to survive.

You most likely don’t have that luxury.

And I use that word on purpose. (our modern luxuries the real luxuries?)

You and I have it too easy…and that presents us with a problem!

And it’s a problem that I will help you fix this month.


This month we are going to blast through your mental barriers that stop you from MOVING YOUR BODY each day.

I hear the excuses, and I’m sure they are valid!

I’m busy too, believe me…I get it!

But regardless of whether you are stuck working 16 hours a day or you are stuck in a hospital bed, the principles we are going to cover this month will get you out of your head and into action…

as long as you sign up, and then follow the simple 5 minute daily messages.

Those two simple actions will alter your life dramatically.

This is one ticket to freedom from that ‘blah’ feeling and from stress, anxiety, and disappointment.

It’s as simple as getting over your mental barriers and hangups, and getting into the daily habit of movement.

This habit results in happiness.

So join me now and let’s make it happen!

Make today amazing!




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