IT’S OFFICIAL: The Make Today Amazing Movement starts now!

This has been a long time in coming – but it’s time.

I just launched a campaign to start flooding the world with more positivity in a major way…

The first official ‘Make Today Amazing’ T-Shirt campaign to be shipped world-wide

…And YOU are an integral part of that.

Come be the first to reserve a Make Today Amazing Shirt for you and your family and let’s make some history!

Check Out The Shirt Here

You are a founding member of the TAL family.

I think we are all going to look back in amazement at what is starting here.

I appreciate your support.

These shirts will ship worldwide beginning on December 1st if we get enough support. Thank you in advance!

I know you are going to enjoy this shirt!

They are super high quality and I’m really pleased.

And when you’re on the page here – PLEASE click the facebook ‘Like’ Button or the other share buttons.


You may think it’s a little thing, but we have no idea the impact this message is going to have on the people it touches.

When a random grocery store attendant is having a rough day and you walk up with this shirt on…guess what? You just lit up someone’s life and spread positivity.

That exact thing happens to me consistently when I’m wearing my first MTA shirt test I created….

…You’re going to love it.

It just makes people smile, which makes them feel better, which makes the world a better place.

It serves others and it serves you – so come join me! Let’s make an impact.

Come See The New Shirts Here

Please reserve one for you or as a gift for someone. They will ship before Christmas.

And at MINIMUM click the share buttons and help me spread this message.

I really need your help.

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Thanks for your help!! Click Here To Support The Cause

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