It’s never too late to Make Today Amazing.

I want to invite you to stop putting so much stock in ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’ and engage fully with your life today.

Sure, I like that song as much as the next guy. It’s hopeful. And yes, things will probably feel better after some sleep, and some time.

But what about the rest of TODAY?

Should we throw it in the trash just because it hasn’t gone ‘perfectly’ and we don’t feel all that great?

Yesterday at 5 pm I felt like I failed miserably.

I don’t know why…but all day I avoided my morning routine.

By 5 I had successfully avoided much of what I wanted to do for the day and I felt like crawling in a hole and scratching the day…let me just start over tomorrow!

Here’s what I wrote in my morning routine checkin journal at 5pm:

“How do you feel?: Anxious, Angry, Antsy, despairing, overwhelmed”


Then I went in the bathroom and took a good look in the mirror. Didn’t love what I saw. Wasn’t feeling ‘proud’ or ‘in love’ with myself.

But then I made a decision that radically changed everything.

I looked myself in the eye and said: “I’m going to make the best of the rest of this day”.


Then I locked my door, turned off all potential distractions, and went straight to my morning routine which I had neglected all day and over the next hour I did this:

  • Meditate with my baroque classical playlist – 17 minutes (headphones in so I couldn’t hear the noise of the house)
  • Spent time picturing in my mind 10 or so things I felt grateful for – 2 minutes
  • Glanced through my life vision sheet and read through my daily affirmations – ~6 minutes
  • Read a few versus of uplifting scriptures – 3 minutes
  • Wrote one page of my honest feelings – ~20 minutes

Every one of those items began working a total transformation.

The last one sealed the deal though.

Here’s what I did in that writing session:

  • Said sorry to myself and to my Creator for failing to ward off negativity during the day.
  • Then wrote 8 things that I did well during the day. Then I asked God ‘is there anything you would have me know or do right now?’ in writing.
  • Then half a page of the most uplifting and loving words flowed out on the paper as I imagined what God wanted me to know (I love doing that, it’s by far my favorite time of every single day)

And then I checked in with my feelings again – one hour from the ‘Anxious, Angry, Antsy, Despairing, Overwhelmed’ check in…the result:

6:00 PM – “How do you FEEL?: Calm. Forgiven. Loved”

The opposite end of the emotional scale…in a matter of an hour.


That is why I am so grateful for my ‘Truly Amazing Morning’ routine. It is the most vital tool for happiness in my life.

I wondered if I might be suffering the rest of the night last night until I could go to sleep and ‘hopefully’ tomorrow feel better.

But I’ve learned the hard way too many times how miserable that approach is.

And instead, I felt happy last night, I was present with my family and thoroughly enjoyed being with them. And I slept peacefully.


What do you do to take control of your day and your feelings?

A routine to fall back on, a checklist, a proven resource…that’s the key for me. Before I had this I would just flounder…and suffer.


I hope you know that it’s never too late today…

Make Today Amazing!



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