Huge thanks to Leona and Chris for an awesome ‘X’ word.

Doubt I would have found such a good one in all my own googling!

Check it out…


Xenodochial pronounced zeena-doh-key-ul – means “Friendly to strangers”….what a great way of be!

It blesses their life, and yours equally. Well maybe not equal, maybe one gets more, but who cares, what’s important is there’s good feelings galore.

Would be hard to overdo and really tough to touch an excess of friendless, kindness or smiling too much.

Rooted in love or else why be a friend to a total stranger you may never see again?

Because your heart’s full of joy and you love to have fun, and making people smile is just how you wang chung!


And thank you 1986!

(here’s the tune on youtube for reference in case you weren’t around back then and have somehow avoided exposure to any 80’s classic hits in the meantime;)


Have an amazing day!



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