It’s All A Matter Of Choice

“Living A Truly Amazing Life Is Simply A Matter Of Decision”

Think about it…You can choose to celebrate life or curse it.

You choose whether you smile or frown.

Is anyone else choosing that for you?  Can they?

No.  Your response is Your Response.

Your Reaction is Your Choice.

You are free to choose.

Only you decide whether you enjoy this moment…or hate it.

Only you can decide to continue thinking that thought…or to change it.

Only you can decide to create the life you want…or destroy it; whether you live on your own terms…or somebody else’s.

You decide if you succeed or fail.  Success is not a destination or event.

Success is simply taking steps toward a worthy goal.

Who else decides for you if you do that or not?

Only you can decide to remember who you are.

You decide to empower others…or not.

Only you decide to give of yourself.

You are the only one who can decide that you will grow.

And you and only you can decide to think, feel, and act in loving ways to others.

You decide to be compassionate, to forgive, and to love without condition and withhold judgment.

You can choose none of these things and live a mediocre, bland, or even miserable existence.

Or you can DECIDE to Celebrate, to Smile, to Enjoy, to Think, to Create, to Succeed, to Remember, to Empower, to Give, to Grow and to Love.

And the moment you make that choice, you are choosing to Live A Truly Amazing Life.

You are free to choose!  So why not choose Amazing?!

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