Is it a daily challenge to not be sad?

A little while ago on of our TAL Family members Pauline raised an interesting question and followed it up with a powerful insight.


My biggest challenge is to be happy. I don’t have a reason not to be, but it’s like I have this cloud over me that causes me to be moody, maybe I am depressed?

But I seriously have NO reason in the world to be this way. I think I need to spend more time just saying THANK YOU to God for my many blessings and I would feel better. It’s a daily challenge to not be sad.



Do you ever wonder why it’s hard to get the engine of happiness started sometimes?

It can happen for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes we hold onto resentment that clouds out any attempts at gratitude for anything.

Those two energies aren’t really compatible at all…gratitude and resentment.

Other times we just feel a moody cloud covering us all day…but we can’t pinpoint any specific thing we are upset about.

And I’m sure there are lots of other reasons.

But what’s the answer…does it mean we’re ‘depressed’ if we feel moody and sad consistently?

Maybe…but I’ve always had a challenge with that word because it is used to mean so many different things along such a long sliding scale…and yet often, people just get stuck with that label and assume they need some medication to fix it.

There are certainly cases when severe depression is helped by medication.

So it’s kind of a sticky subject.

But mostly when we say ‘i’m depressed’ or we feel depressed, it’s no different than saying ‘I’m discouraged, I don’t feel good, etc.’

And that is a normal part of every human being’s existence.

Everyone experiences discouragement, depression, and feel bad at times.

And the vast majority of the time, the fix is not medication…and I don’t think we need to psyche ourselves out that we have some ‘condition’ if we find ourselves feeling down a lot lately.

Let’s just use it to examine our life, and our habits, and test out and uncover ways we can move in the direction of joy.


When Pauline said: “I think I need to spend more time just saying THANK YOU to God for my many blessings and I would feel better,” I think she hit the nail on the head.

In fact, that has been our total focus in 5 Minute Mental Mastery this month – creating the habit of APPRECIATION.

It’s been said, “What you appreciate appreciates.”

In other words, as you focus on what you’re grateful for it expands, and then joy inevitably feels up your existence.

There are many of other remedies to ‘feeling depressed’ though.

Gratitude is among the most important of the habits to create.

But moving your body vigorously is often an even greater antidote.

That is going to be our focus for next month as we continue to stack the habits of living a truly amazing life on top of each other.

If you feel like Pauline sometimes and ‘it’s a daily challenge to not be sad’ try starting 2 habits:

1 – Practicing Gratitude Daily

2 – Move Your Body Vigorously

I bet that challenge will diminish if you do.

5 Minute Mental Mastery is specifically created to get to the root of that challenge and make it go away by replacing your daily habits with happiness inducing habits.

So if you want help and breakthroughs creating these habits…

Join us if you’re ready to take your life to the next level.

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