Is a Truly Amazing Life your destination?

If so, I’m going to invite you to re-examine where you are right now.

Hi! Hope you’re making today amazing already.

Here’s a short part of a heartfelt email I got yesterday from a new TAL Family member Jen – sharing of un-fulfillment with work, rocky relationships, and a heavy heart.

Heavy hearts are no fun…so tiring…I can relate only too well from so many experiences.

I hope this response below helps Jen and perhaps it will re-direct your thinking to a more positive way of looking at your life today.


Hi Aaron,

My obstacle to a truly amazing life – a heavy heart.

Its like I know that a truly amazing life is the destination, I have all of the tools to get me there but I’m still on the road.

Why a heavy heart – probably asking too many questions such as, am I where I am in life because this is where god wants me to be or am I here because somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn?

Is god in everything we do?

So many questions – where to find the answers? Though I really like the belief you have put forward that everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Having said all that its probably no surprise to you that I feel lighter just by saying it & I think I will take up your suggestion of writing daily.




First off, she is absolutely right…writing is a powerful tool! I encourage everyone I can to take up the practice of conversing with yourself and/or God in writing daily….it’s one of the habits of the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

There was one statement in the email that is very important to highlight: ‘Its like I know that a truly amazing life is the destination, I have all of the tools to get me there but I’m still on the road.’

See anything suspect in that statement?

Anything that may be holding Jen back?

The truth is exactly opposite of that in reality. I believe that is a big part of many people’s challenge, not just Jen, because I hear similar sentiments often.

Here’s the truth: A truly amazing life is the road, not the destination.

A truly amazing life can only be lived right now…not later.

There is no destination we can actually live other than this very moment. When we live in a state of waiting to arrive at our truly amazing life, every decision and action we take is based on an impossible premise and can only possibly lead to frustration, discouragement, and despair.

HEAVINESS OF HEART IS INEVITABLE while holding that belief.


Think of it this way, you looking for your truly amazing life off on the horizon. As you walk toward the horizon, what happens? It always keeps moving away from you. You can never possibly arrive at the horizon.

The only way to live a truly amazing life is to accept this fact and then decide that you are simply going to Make Today Amazing, regardless of the hand you were dealt today.

And what about this question: * “Is God in everything we do?”*

That’s a deep question. The God I hang out with is the source of all good. Go about doing evil? I’m certain God is not instigating any evil acts of harm against any His children for any reason. But God certainly can and does make good out of all things that happen somehow. It’s miraculous.

And how about this one: “So many questions – where to find the answers?”

You are on the right track in writing I believe.

If you will write your thoughts like this to yourself daily, and even in conversation asking God in writing your questions, whatever they are, I believe you will find guidance and a relationship with your creator that blows your mind in awesomeness.

Every single day I have at least one conversation with God in writing, and nearly without fail I end up in tears of joy at how loved I feel, how blessed I am, and basically just overwhelmed by the amazing goodness that is the source of all of us.

And that’s even when I start the writing not feeling great.

Those are my thoughts and experiences…


But whatever you do…don’t wait for tomorrow! Make today amazing!

Even the act of writing and confronting the truth and your deepest questions is all it takes to make today amazing.

I believe you will experience the peace and lightness Jen experienced just by freeing the mind to flow out of your pen.

That’s because when you do, you are present in the here and now, confronting reality head on.

That is life. It’s beautiful, and I daresay amazing 😉



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I just wanted to say that EVERYTHING you have mentioned in this email for day 5 of 5MMM Think, relates to where I have been trying to get to for months and months now!

My mind has always been my biggest battle, and God has continued to highlight these issues to me from day one!

And your email you have sent has reminded me of how far I have come and how far I still have to go! E.g learning not to get wrapped up in a negative or fearful thought has been a continuing struggle but slowly improving!

I noticed one of the biggest factor is recognizing the horrible feeling that comes with that negative thought, that painful emotion! Once I am aware of that feeling I tend not to get wrapped up in the thought so much!

Thanks again, I really do look forward to the rest of this month as I feel in my case this is the most important for me to grow in peace and freedom.




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  1. dora bell Reply

    I recently read your book Aaron. Like many others I sought for help when
    I felt like I had few options left. The book changed my thinking. I
    will be honest, its not that I don’t feel depressed anymore, but the
    book certainly reminds me that whatever my situation and circumstances,
    they are all for my good. Its tough to believe this at times, but I am
    forcing myself to believe just this. Thank you for the book and the
    inspirational words. You make a difference in people’s lives.

    • You’re welcome Dora. I’m glad to hear it helped change your thinking. That is the first step. It is tough to believe it sometimes…I believe you will see improvement in how you feel as you keep believing it.

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