In Conclusion – Curing The Incurable

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All the medical Doctors told me there was no cure and that I would be plagued by this genetic chronic disease the rest of my life.  One Doctor told me the truth and set me free.  I will be forever grateful to my friend George for referring me, and for Dr. Lundell for being a seeker of the truth.  Now I am healed, though a little lighter in the internal organ department.  But who needs a colon anyway?  Not me obviously!  I now take zero pharmaceutical medications and I feel as healthy as I have ever felt.  I do have an ostomy bag, which I have decided is a wonderful constant reminder to me of how precious life is.  I have the option of getting rid of it, and reconnecting my small intestine to my rectum, which I will likely do soon.  I feel really good right now however, so I am in no rush to go back to the operating room.  Plus I like the reminder, and there are potential problems with the re-connective surgery to consider.  But as far as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease, I am cured.  The surgery obviously saved my life for which I’m immensely grateful.  But it wasn’t until I learned the truth about food that I found the lasting solution.

Here is a progression of the transformation my body went through over a seven month period:





Oh, and here’s the picture that started me taking pictures, long before I figured out how Truly Amazing Life was.


 “OK great, so this random guy was happier than ever, then he suffered a bunch of pain and brushed death, then he came back stronger and happier.  How is that supposed to help me?” I can imagine you asking about now.

Well, hopefully my story has empowered you in some way, at the minimum by reminding you to be grateful for what you have.  But I hope that you believe that there really is no bad day, and that everything is conspiring for your benefit.  I know that to be true.  And I know that truth will free anyone who embraces it fully just as it has freed me.

Do you feel empowered, hopeful, optimistic, more alive, more free, more faithful, and more joyful?  I sincerely hope so.  But allow me to close with some final thoughts, now that you have heard my story and we can relate better.


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Do You Believe It Yet?[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Let me just be ultra-enormously- super-duper-califragilistically clear as we wrap up our time together.  And don’t be surprised when I repeat myself three times here pretty soon.  It’s important!  I’m doing it on purpose!

Yes, I had many challenging days in 2012.  We all have difficult days, it is part of life.  And at the end of some of those days I wanted nothing more than to be asleep and out of pain for a moment.  But I’m sure you are catching on by now that I don’t have bad days anymore.  And there was not one exception to that for me in 2012.

As challenging as some of those days were, I still knew deep within my core, that it was all happening for a good reason.  Even while I didn’t know how, I trusted that it was.  And I still believe it, even though I still don’t feel like I know all the ways it was good.

Ever since I made the decision to believe everything is conspiring for my benefit, I have no longer had to wonder if some things are helping me and other things hurting me.  I have no longer had to question every little thing and try to attach meaning to it.  I don’t have to wonder if I did something crazy to deserve this or any other question that pops into a lot of people’s minds when something seems to go wrong in life.

I simply choose to keep believing it’s all good for me, and somehow I’ll make it through it, and everything will be fine.  In fact better than fine.  Because all the hard situations I experience will only make me stronger, better, wiser, more compassionate, and more loving.  And I will only turn them somehow into a greater benefit to me and everyone around me.

That is the belief I choose to hold.  And that belief makes life a joy to be living, regardless of the immediate circumstances.  Sure, I love the easy circumstances and I’ll take them whenever I can get them!  And I am supremely grateful to be feeling healthy again and easily enjoying life in so many ways that were impossible when I was sick.  But I am also immensely grateful for some of the most joyous, tender, sacred, and love-filled moments in my life so far that I experienced during those months I was sick.

It is all good.  It is all happening for your good.  Embrace that.  Embrace your challenges, your pain, and your trials.  Believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit.  It will absolutely change your perspective on life, which will change your life for the better this very moment.  Knowing, believing, and living that belief is the source of immense joy and peace, and will bring you joy in all the seasons and circumstances of your life.

I am grateful to have gone through so many trying experiences, because it has brought me a greater capacity for love and joy.  And I’m grateful to be in a position to share these truths with you.  I sincerely hope to be an instrument in God’s hand of blessing you and bringing you to greater joy.


[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Why Should You Believe There Is No Bad Day?[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Because that is ultimate freedom.

When you believe there is no bad day, then you can overcome all obstacles.

You will almost certainly be faced at times with circumstances that seem impossible and even horrifying.  But you will automatically smile inside, knowing that they are there for your good.  And even though they may beat you down into submission, and you may become discouraged and even depressed by the lack of ability to see any end in sight, you will still know deep within that it is all for your good.

And that deep knowledge will be like an unquenchable spark deep inside you.  Like a pilot light that will never go out, no matter how hard things get.  Your belief in the inherent goodness of life will keep that spark alive, even as small as it may be, nearly smothered under the oppressive weight of your pain, or depression, or both.  And you will hold onto the belief that all is working to your good, and there is no bad day, and the fact that this is so difficult only means that more amazing things are coming than you can possibly imagine.

By holding that belief, you in fact enable those amazing things to happen.  By letting go of that belief you are extinguishing your faith.  And without faith you are dead.  You may be still breathing, walking, and eating, but spiritually you are dormant, and either dead or dying.  When you believe that all is lost, you have lost your hope.  And that is a false belief and a destroying belief because all is never lost.  God is good.  The universe and the infinite intelligence that you are, that created you and breathes life into you wants nothing but your joy; your infinite, expansive, fullness of joy.  But if you decide to believe otherwise, you make it impossible to experience true joy, and you shut out the good that is begging to rush into your life.

Yes, it seems in those darkest hours that life is horrible.  At those times you likely will see no possible way it could be good.  I get that.  I have been there, done that, got the T-shirt (no, literally, someone sent me a T-shirt that says: “Semicolon; It’s worse than a period.”).  I know all too bitterly how that feels.

But the truth will always set you free.

The truth is that none of it is bad.  The truth is There Is No Bad Day.  The truth is that God is Love.  The truth is that you are loved, cared for, and understood by your creator beyond your ability to even comprehend unless you are immersed in the Spirit of Infinite Intelligence that you come from.  Physical comprehension can’t understand it, only spiritual.

Why should you believe there is no bad day?

Because that is the way you can experience a fullness of joy in life.  That belief enables you to become, to have, and to do everything you most desire in life.  The thing that happens when you believe that is that you now see and expect everything to conspire for your benefit.  So in every circumstance, whether it appears negative or positive, whether you like it or not, you are only looking for the good in it.  And you will find the good!  You always find what you’re looking for.  You just don’t realize that much of the time you are just looking for what you don’t want.  Searching for it, seeking it out, and lo and behold, finding it!  Just think of any time when you felt horrible.  Now tell me, what were you looking for?

Of course you find what you don’t want if you are looking for it with all your energy.  So stop looking for it!  Stop concerning yourself with what you don’t want!  The only thing that you should focus your energy on is what you do want.  And then you will feel amazing.  Sure you should acknowledge the things you don’t want when they present themselves, I’m not saying to put blinders on.  But when you see what you don’t want, turn your back to it.  Use it to help you further clarify what you do want, and then focus all your energy and attention on that.

And know that this is a good day.  Every day is a good day regardless of what happens.  Every single thing that happens can turn to your ultimate benefit somehow.  Just because you can’t see it right now doesn’t mean it is any less true.