I’m back ;)

And I am so thankful to be back.

After months of uncertainty about my future life and health, to be back to “normal” is such an amazing contrast and blessing.

Check out this 7 month sequence of changes my body went through:

I don’t have any pictures of when I was down to 128 pounds days later.

These days I feel as healthy as I’ve ever felt.

I feel normal.

Normal for me is waking up early every day, thrilled for the day ahead.  Meditating and envisioning my goals and desires.  Helping my kids off to school.  Running around the trails of Boulder.  Working on the things that I’m passionate about all day.  Thoroughly enjoying life with my wife and kids and friends every day.  Not being in pain (I’m really digging that part of normal;).  It is so good to be back!!

Of course if I look down at my stomach at all, I realize quickly that pooing out my stomach is far from “normal”.  But I just got the clear from my surgeon to have my insides reconnected anytime, so I should be going back in for surgery in the next month or two, and then I may even look normal again!

So what’s next?

For the past month or so I have been writing down my experiences from the last year.

Before getting sick last summer I began writing a lot about my belief that there is no such thing as a bad day.  I was explaining to people how I never had bad days anymore, with the desire to help others experience the same.  Life was truly amazing.

Then my body shut down and that belief was put to the extreme test.

What I found through the process of  nearly dying and having months of excruciatingly painful and challenging days, is that I still believe stronger than ever that there is no bad day.

Hard days?  Absolutely.  Bad days?  Nope.

For me there were no ‘bad’ days in 2012.  Even though I wanted to be dead some days, I still didn’t consider any of those days as bad.  And there is an important reason why.  And the commitment to that philosophy and approach to life has made a massive difference in my life.

And so I am writing a book recounting my experiences as a case study of that philosophy.  Right now it is titled:

“There Is No Bad Day”

And I’m considering publishing chapters of the book as I go along on google docs and inviting your feedback and comments.

Please comment here whether you would be interested in giving me feedback and reading the book as it progresses.

I would like my beliefs and statements to be challenged and/or questioned, so I can better articulate a message that is helpful to you, and to others.

I would appreciate your participation, it would help the cause a lot I think.

My desire is to write my experiences and share the learning I experienced in a way that helps people live with much more joy on a more consistent basis.

I have found that it is absolutely possible to experience joy consistently despite our circumstances.  And I hope to help as many people as I can benefit from the belief that there really is no bad day.  And it is simply up to us to A) choose to believe that, which leads to B) looking for the good in everything that shows up…and finding it!

Comment here and let me know if you would read and comment on the book as I write it.  I’m going to finish writing it anyway, but if there is enough interest to give feedback, I may start posting chapters earlier.

Thanks for reading!