“I only hope the feeling doesn’t fade away”

“I only hope the feeling doesn’t fade away”


First off: Thank you!

For reading.

For replying.

For being a meaningful part of my life.

I’m honored and blessed each day to be able to hear from you, and write to you on the topic of living a truly amazing life. It’s a gift and I feel blessed by the opportunity.


Second off:

Reader Dana recently sent this and it deserves a response:

Thank you for insight that the world we view is not the reality. I am suddenly inspired with a new outlook on my life. I only hope the feeling doesn’t fade away. Thanks again -Dana

So glad to hear that Dana! And you bring up a great point with your ‘hope’.


Here’s the REALITY:

The feeling will always fade away


Feelings come and go. They are no more permanent than thoughts, or anything else in this physical world.

Let go of the need to always feel amazing and inspired.

You won’t.

And as long as you hold that as your standard, you set yourself up for future frustration, suffering, and pain.


Let go.

Be grateful for feeling inspired. Take it when its there. But don’t be disheartened when it goes.

And there’s no sense in hoping that it won’t go…Because it INEVITABLY WILL.

That is hoping for the impossible.

A frustrating endeavor!


Here’s the real deal:

You need to work at it every single day for the rest of your life.

Expect that.

Plan for that.

And design your life around that reality.


Get the reminders in place that you need.

You’ll have hard moments again in the future.

This is a truly amazing life – no question.

But you are not going to FEEL absolutely amazing 100% of the time.

So create simple systems and habits in your life for remembering.


Without a daily system, a daily work, a daily process, you will get derailed.

Heck, you will get derailed WITH a daily process.

I do.

I just did last week!

But my process, the habits of living a truly amazing life, very quickly and efficiently brought me back on track.


In the past, before I had these habits and reminders in place…getting knocked off track sometimes meant 6 months of stress, weight gain, and just feeling off before finally realizing what happened and making the HERCULEAN effort to get back on track.

That’s exactly why I created this poster.

Out of this knowing that I will forget. And desperately not wanting to. Because I felt so amazing and I wanted just what you want Dana, for the feeling to ‘not fade away’.

And the reminder definitely helps.


And 5 Minute Mental Mastery was created for one reason: to help you establish the habits of living a truly amazing life.

The first module on the habit of ‘believing’ and ‘affirming’ is done so far and it has been transformational for many already (more will be coming your way down the road)


You need to reconnect with you daily.

Remind yourself daily.

There’s no ‘easy’ button for life. You don’t just do it once.

Keep the faith!

Keep living amazingly every day.

And celebrate ALL the inspiration and new outlooks that you will CONTINUE to get throughout your life.

Don’t worry about when they pass…just stick with the daily best practices and it will bring you back on track, and new insights, and new outlooks will come again.


Life is amazing that way!



Get the 18X24″ Truly Amazing Life Poster free here.

Get 5MMM Module One here.

Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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