“I LOVE my life…and I am fearful that it will go away.”

“I LOVE my life…and I am fearful that it will go away.”

This brings up a really interesting topic.

When you feel overwhelmed with blessings, why does negativity creep in even then?

Thanks to Stephanie for exposing this topic for us, it’s worthy of discussion:

Hi Aaron! I just finished your book and was truly amazed to hear your story. I picked up your book because I struggle with anxiety over worrying I may end up with cancer and it will ruin the amazing life God has given me and my family. I am very healthy and strive to provide a healthy diet (love the Vitamix!) and spiritually rich family life in my home.

I seem to take any normal life health symptom and turn it into wondering if it is the first symptom towards some type of female cancer or other major illness.

I just LOVE the life I have been blessed with and I am fearful that it will go away.

I am truly a grateful person and am sharing that with my family daily, but silently I struggle with the worry and negative thoughts.


Thank you for sharing your story. Reading your book makes me want to continue to work on changing these thoughts for good!


Interestingly, the positive thinking secret is the same whether you’re feeling good or feeling low.


Think about it….

…If you truly believe and know that everything is conspiring for your benefit, then what do you have to worry about?

So you get cancer!

Does that destroy you?

Does that mean you can never be happy again?

Can pain, sickness, or even death permanently stop you from living in joy?


I can totally relate to these fears.

I remember similar fears of future potential loss when things were smooth sailing.

It’s natural that we don’t want to lose the peace and ease we feel in life.

Nobody wants cancer or sickness.


But are you ready for the truth?

Ease is overrated.

Comfort is overrated.

Comfort kills!

Seeking to be comfortable is what most of us humans do, and it is absolutely NOT the way to experience a fulness of joy.

Only when we are at the edge of our comfort zone is there growth.

And without growth, there is no true fulfillment.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying”


So the question is, what do you truly want?

Do you want to be comfortable?

If so, my prediction is you’ll never be free from anxiety or negative worry.


The sooner you can let go of the need to be comfortable, and embrace growth and pain in whatever form life chooses to hand them to you, the sooner anxiety will disappear.


Cancer is not the worst thing.

Pain is not the worst thing.

Much worse is living in fear of those things.

Of course we don’t seek out cancer or sickness in order to grow, that’s silly!


But thinking we have to be comfortable and at ease to be happy is flawed logic.


And in worrying that pain may come, we spend our precious life energy not living in the moment we are blessed with right now anyway.


Instead trust.

Come what may.

Choose to believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit and then you don’t have to worry about what happens tomorrow.

All there is is gratitude, awe, and wonder about whatever IS.

Because it’s all happening for your good….whatever happens.


The first module of 5 Minute Mental Mastery is all about instilling that belief in your soul.

Go get access here.


Don’t worry…be happy:)


Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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