“I let the negativity sweep me away in the tide”

Got this email from TAL Family member Jamie…

“I’m reading your book right now. What challenges me is many negative people and our seemingly more violent and ignorant society.

I am saturated in the foolishness around me. I let the negativity sweep me away in the tide.”

I think this is an important issue, because if we’re not deliberate (and even if we are sometimes) we can easily be swept out with the negativity tide.

It’s been said “Environment is everything”. I don’t know if it’s totally true, but there is a LOT of truth to the principle suggested there.

Surrounding yourself with positivity and positive people as much as possible makes such a big difference.

And distancing yourself from the negative energy in your life is also important I think.

This can be hard for many, because we feel bombarded, deluged, nearly drowning by all the negativity around us.

If you’re in that space, don’t give up.

Take conscious steps away from it daily.

You’ll notice over time as you distance yourself from the negative influences and seek out the positive, you’ll start to feel lighter, and less oppressed by it all.


There are definitely many things in our environment we control.

Many things we get to choose whether they influence us or not.


  • Turn off the news, just as one example. That’s not a source of positive information.

I’m curious for your ideas…

  • Reply or comment with what common sources of negativity you see that we can tune out of and remove from our life.
  • Or share what challenges you have on this topic.
  • Or share your success in ‘unsaturating yourself from the foolishness’ around you – that would be great to hear too.


Let’s get more brain share on this topic.

It’s important…because negativity isn’t going away anytime soon as far as I can tell 😉

Have a wonderful day!



P.S. – In this conversation with Jake Nawrocki from last week, he gives a powerful example of how he grew from letting go of some long-time friends because of their negativity.

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