“I felt so uplifted and encouraged listening to this interview.”

Truly Amazing Life Podcast listener Ashley Jensen shared this yesterday on Facebook.

Thought you’d find it valuable:

Beautiful! I’m not sure what else to say. I felt so uplifted and encouraged listening to this interview. My favorite lesson was a story Ganel-Lyn shared about designing a new home. She said ” I was sitting there and my husband said, do you want this cabinet or that? I don’t know what we’re deciding, and we’re trying to decide the cost of it and he goes, I don’t want you to not choose what your dream is. And I looked at him, and to answer your question that you just asked me, I said, my dream will never, ever be about the cabinet. My dream is about you and my children and the things I’m learning.”

I walked away from it asking myself deep and thoughtful questions like:
Am I willing to ask for what is best for me, not just what I think I want?
Am I willing to learn from whatever “book” God gives me?
Am I shoring up and nurturing my roots when life is easy?
Am I sharing my joy and my witness of miracles with others daily?

Thanks Ganel-Lyn for sharing and thanks to Aaron for asking great questions to very inspiring people.

I love the deeply introspective questions she came away with.

That is my hope in spending all the time, money, and effort to put together these podcast episodes for you all so it’s great to get feedback and to know it’s helping.

Thank you Ashley! And it’s also great to learn from each other in this community.

We are all better when we lift each other.

I hope those questions and insights Ashley shared help you.


That’s why the Truly Amazing Life Facebook page is there, so we can share, and help each other grow, and also surround ourselves with like minded thinkers who lift us.

And maybe you’re wondering how I can promote fb now after just decrying it 2 days ago?

I think fb is wonderful and has powerful potential for good, or ill. Depends on us really.

Personally I love it! It connects me to people and I love people. And so I’m grateful for it.


What I don’t want is to allow the habit of connecting virtually all the time to cause me to miss connecting physically with the people closest to me.

And I don’t like being distracted by that habit and taken away from the focus I want to give to my dreams, aspirations, and goals.


Reporting in

I will tell you that limiting myself to 2 times of email and Facebook for the past 3 days has been EXTREMELY LIBERATING!

I’m absolutely loving it. I got my FOCUS back. And I feel like I am in control of my life again.

I despise feeling controlled by anything…so it’s very liberating to me.


Anyway, if you missed the call with Ganel-Lyn you can listen here. The transcript is there also if you prefer reading, you can download the pdf or just read it.


Make Today Amazing!


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