How to never do something you don’t love ever again

Do you absolutely LOVE what you are doing right now?

If not, how can you NEVER DO IT AGAIN?

Or else start loving it?

The first step is just realizing that you can.

Those are my new reminder questions pasted on my computer screen


I find it drains my energy to think of a big list of tasks I don’t want to do.

But this question gives me hope and energy.

Because things need to be done.

But that doesn’t mean I need to accept them as my fate forever more.

With this question I can take one small bite each day at eating the elephant.

Even if I just find one way today – that is good.

If I successfully answer this one time every day I will make massive progress by the end of a year.

The key for me is to ask the right question about everything I’m doing.


Some of the less empowering, less hope-giving self-talk I realized I was saying.

“How can I do this faster?”

“Why do I have to do this?”

“I wish I didn’t have to do so much admin work. Seems like I can never stay ahead of it.”

Better questions lead to freedom and feeling better.

Right now I have not done even one of the many tasks that were bogging me down – but with this reminder I feel eager and motivated to find just one way to answer that question today.

Little things lead to freedom.

To energy.

To motivation.


And the circumstances don’t have to change for energy and life to change.

So if you feel bogged down by everything you ‘have to’ do, try this question:

How can I NEVER do this again – or start loving it?

You may not find answers at first.

That’s OK.

Keep asking, you’ll find answers. It’s a good question that, in time, will free up more of your time to doing things you love.

Which make’s life enjoyable.


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I’m certain you have never heard many of the ideas shared there.

But they aren’t for everyone…most people aren’t ready to accept such radical changes to their beliefs (which is also why they aren’t ready for a truly amazing life)

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Make Today Amazing!


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