How to maintain a steady positive attitude in a steadily negative world

Here’s a quick response to a common question that TAL Family member Jade asked the other day:


Hi Aaron, I had a quick question I wonder if you can help me,

Since reading your book my life has changed and am more aware of gathering positive mentality from any kind of event or situation except one and it’s one I come across on a regular basis.

Trying to share positivity and be positive towards others even the smallest thing,i.e. smiling at a stranger sometimes I am greeted with negativity or general rudeness.

When this happens I become a bit deflated as it were and maybe a tad disappointed and it then becomes a downward spiral of why do I bother almost.

How do you maintain a steady positive attitude in a negative world?




Great question Jade.

The main thing for me to stay steady with positivity is to stay true to the 12 daily habits of a TAL on the MTA poster.

If I stick to my simple routine of doing those habits each morning – it sets me up powerfully to win all day long.

When I’m confident enough in myself, and happy from within, other’s responses don’t phase me that much.

Or I see them with compassion instead of criticism.

And remember, it’s OK to just be happy and let others do whatever they will…

…We can’t force other people be positive.

But when I’m feeling weak, usually because I’ve allowed distraction to pull me away from my daily habits…

…it seems everything and everyone becomes more offensive.

So I recommend using those habits as a checklist each day and just powering yourself up with them before anything else.

I’ve got one other thought for you though…

…if other’s respond poorly to your positivity, it could be that they may feel it is being ‘forced’ upon them.

I’m not sure if that’s what’s happening for you…

…but it has been well said that: ‘the meaning of our communication is the response that we get.’

We can learn a lot about ourselves if we embrace that statement as truth.

It’s super empowering to accept responsibility for our communications…

only then can we improve upon them and improve upon the responses we get from others.

But that statement has to be taken with some lenience…because sometimes people will react harshly to anything anyone says in any way they say it…

…Because they are hurting inside.

So don’t go beating yourself up and taking everyone else’s problems on yourself by thinking everyone’s reactions are your fault.

Just be aware…that often, our tone or our words can induce negative reactions in others.

I love to remember that ‘the meaning of my communication is the response that I get’, because it puts ME in the driver’s seat of my life.

If I’m getting lots of negative responses – I remember I can do something about it.

Hope that all helps.

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