How to easily know the 1st thing you MUST do.

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Many people just want to be comfortable. Not knowing that comfort kills. Slowly. Imperceptibly. One drop at a time, day by day.

If you’re not growing you’re dying. And you only grow outside of your comfort zone.

Life and joy happen outside the comfort zone. Death and misery are inevitable within. That’s the crazy paradox of fear.

It lies about the terror’s ‘out there’, and lulls us into it’s sinister and deadly security blanket. In truth the thing you fear most is the first thing you MUST do.

And when you do that thing?

Welcome back to your amazing life.


100 words…that’s my limit for the A2Z, but there’s so much left unsaid!!

Aarghh 🙂

It always hurts just a little to leave so many important thoughts out…so luckily….there’s more space in this email!



Where there is no growth, there is no life, enthusiasm, or passion.

Regroup, catch your breath if you must, but as soon as possible march right back to the edge of that comfort zone and jump back into life.

BTW…you are the only one who can decide that you will grow.


Sometimes out of our stubborn intent to be comfortable life gracefully and lovingly hands us some ‘motivation’ (in the form of pain) so we’ll start growing again.

Left to our selves we’d keep seeking comfort and keep withering away, wasting more of our life’s potential.


Then we remember this truth…and we start going to the edge on our own every day, starting the moment we wake up.

And we discover each day that this is a truly amazing life.

The very concept of being bored suddenly becomes incomprehensible.


Love you all!


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