How to become a magnetic personality

How to become a magnetic personality.


My biggest struggle is that I was not born a smily, bubbly person. I do have a positive attitude and am an successful in business. However, I would like to be that person that makes peoples day and has a magnetic personality and connect more with people. What are some things I can do immediately to help in that area?


Mike True”

Great question Mike!

Try the mirror technique. Start with yourself.

If you can get SUPER comfortably being over the top smily and cheesy with yourself every day, it will rub off in all your relationships.

Learn to love yourself so deeply and giddily.

It will probably be really uncomfortable at first, but with practice you will change.

Here’s what I do: I have a big mirror right by my desk. Every morning I get the biggest cheesiest grin on my face possible and I repeat my affirmations to myself.

Get really, really comfortable smiling and being bubbly with yourself. Start literally seeing yourself acting that way, every morning. Not just in your mind, but in the mirror. And every night if you’re serious!

You will change your vision of yourself over time and practice. You can absolutely become the smiling, magnetic, bubbly personality you want to be.

The mirror continues to be a total ‘game of life’ changer for me.

Personalities are not stuck.

You can absolutely change your personality.

Hope that helps!


PS – Read ‘The Magic Of Believing’ for more on this. Awesome old-school book where I first learned the mirror technique

Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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