How (and why) to visualize your truth

The results from readers of Affirm Your Truth keep coming in and they often contain HUGE breakthroughs.

Look what Kassandra from the UK told me just now:

“I used to suffer from depression, anxiety and emotional numbness. Since I have been on your course and practice the basics every day I can stay focused even under trying conditions.

And the very best part is that for the first time in my life I can convince myself that I can and will be happy.

I can now tap into an inner happiness which had eluded me despite many other wonderful changes in my life.” ~ Kassandra C.

That is amazing!

Can you sense what a huge deal that is?

To go from feeling out of control and unable to tap into an inner happiness for an entire life — to now having found it, and knowing how to find it again every day — that is life changing!

I know because I went through the exact same transformation when I discovered this back in 2011…

…And that’s when life became truly amazing for me.

Ever since then I have had the confidence and ability to recover from feelings of discouragement, depression, overwhelm, and sadness very fast — in a systematic, repeatable way.

Emotional challenges will face each of us throughout life. Having the tools and the confidence to overcome them systematically is a complete game changer.

It never gets old hearing your life-changing experiences with these simple practices.

I’m always amazed to see something so simple produce such profound shifts.

But that’s how it works… “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”

Kassandra also asked a great question that I want to address briefly:

“I do the key affirmations as often as I can in front of the mirror and I will definitely say them out loud three times a day.

Just doing that is wonderful. However, I do struggle a bit with the emotions and visualisation part.

Can you give me one or more tips of how I can tap into the experience you have? I find it difficult to think of examples that rouse my emotions or to visualize them.”

That’s such a great question, because getting emotional is the key to affirming your truth.

When the words you repeat create positive emotions inside that’s when you really experience the power in the process.

And visualization is often the key to stirring those emotions.

Kassandra, I’m guessing you are doing better than you think, based on the feelings of joy and inner happiness you expressed.

So one thing is, don’t make it more complex than it needs to be.

If you feel good when you affirm your truth, that is the goal!

And here’s something else to consider: Not everyone responds to visualization equally.

Some people connect to their emotions best through sound.

For many people images are the best way to connect emotionally.

And for others touch, taste, or physically feeling something is the best way to connect emotionally.

So if you happen to be someone who is more auditory (sound-oriented) and less visually inclined, just repeating affirmations out loud is likely an extremely powerful way for you to connect emotionally.

That may be why you are having breakthroughs, even though you feel like you struggle to visualise.

Remember…the whole point is to feel amazing!

Doesn’t matter how you get there.

I happen to be a very visual person.

As I think about things, images flash through my mind, and seeing those images produces emotion.

I easily cry and get emotional at movies for that reason.

When I say the affirmation, “Everything is conspiring for my benefit,” I try to play out a movie in my mind of an example of how that could possibly be the case.

For example…driving home from a vacation with the family, going a bit too fast on I-80 in a barren stretch of Wyoming, the blue and red flashing lights suddenly appeared in the rear view mirror.

After getting handed a ticket for $120 I felt…well, less than jubilant about the situation 😉

So here’s what I did: I thought, “Everything is conspiring for my benefit.” That statement forced me to imagine how that could possibly be true, despite everything appearing exactly opposite.

So my mind created a movie of a semi-truck just a couple miles down the road swerving to avoid hitting an antelope, and as luck and fate would have it, I was not passing the truck on the left at that moment, like I would have been had I not been pulled over for speeding. The truck and antelope carried on their way.

I’m alive! My family is safe! Whew!

As we drove on I felt a lot better. The images in my mind pulled me almost instantly from an annoyed state to a grateful state.

And it was totally made up in my own mind!

Whether or not that scenario would have actually happened is not the point. It certainly could have of course.

The point is we each have the power to imagine whatever possibilities we want.

Those images we choose to entertain determine our emotional state.

Our emotional state dictates the quality and direction of our life.

Being the master of your own emotions makes you the master of your life.

And you can be the master! It’s not complex…it just takes the discipline to establish the habits of 1) Positive affirmation and 2) Visualisation.

You get to decide what you think about.

I hope that example gives you some ideas of how to go about visualizing your affirmations.

It’s a powerful, instantly life-altering practice.

If you haven’t gone through Affirm Your Truth yet – go get the book here. Life-altering breakthroughs await you 😉

Make today amazing!

~ Aaron


Aaron Kennard

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