Having a “5MMM moment”

I had to share this recent note with you from 5MMM ‘graduate’ Kerry.

I think so many of us can relate:

Thank you Aaron for a wonderful 30 days! I have been searching for a way to re-train my thoughts to be more positive and grateful for my life as I have no reason not to be!

I looked forward to your daily emails and encouragement. Remembering to repeat my affirmations was never a problem for me because I feel great each time I repeat them. I have allowed so much negativity to effect my life to the point where I felt helpless and sad most of the time. I knew better than to feel this way but was lost when it came to changing my thoughts.

Your program helped me SO much!


I loved that it helped Kerry, and I know that so many of us get sucked into negative thought patterns, especially when sickness or other challenges hit us unexpectedly.

But here’s what I loved even more…

…a few days later from Kerry…

“OK 5MMM moment!

“I was having a very BAD morning with constant negative thoughts even though I had started the day off with my affirmations and prayers. Very irritable and angry about a few different things going on in my life.

I finally stopped what I was doing and made myself sit down an go over my notes from 5MMM and immediately started feeling better!

Thank you again!

Can you not relate?

I know as much as we practice being positive sometimes negativity clouds just knock us over like we’re a few measly bowling pins.


2 points need to be made here:


Point 1 – Loved the 5MMM moment – shows us the beauty of this journey of life and how we can ALWAYS do something about our situation.

We don’t become super positive and happy one day and then it’s just going to stay that way the rest of our lives.

That’s not how it works.

So we shouldn’t expect it to work that way or we just frustrate ourselves.

Every single day we need to wake up and MAKE THE DECISION to live amazingly today.

And when we forget, stop and remind ourself!

We all have the ability to fix our feelings fast.


Point 2 – There is no bad day! So why should there be a bad morning? 😉

I totally get what is meant by ‘I was having a BAD morning’.

We as humans really like to classify things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

But I want to encourage us all to let go of those classifications about the situations, mornings, days, months, and years of our lives.

How is it helping to say and believe it was a ‘BAD’ morning, or a ‘BAD’ day?

It’s really just wording…I know…I get the intent of the statement.

And some may say I’m being nit-picky about a meaningless thing.


But words are powerful.

And ‘good/bad’ is black and white and leads to all sorts of other judgmental statements and thoughts, which eventually leads to self-condemnation.

I had a bad morning somehow morphs next into, I did a dumb thing, or a ‘bad’ thing.

And then into, I’m bad. I’m no good.

We start judging things first and it eventually comes back to judging ourselves and others in that black and white harsh way, and it just leads us to a host of issues.


I submit the words we say and think are very important.


So what to say instead?

“I was having a TOUGH morning” is a more healthy and productive way to speak about your situation.

It avoids the ‘good/bad’ value judgment and the host of other issues that brings with it.

The more I have learned to avoid auto-judging things as good or bad, the more liberation I have felt.


So today…go have a 5MMM moment like Kerry!

Remember that everything is conspiring for your benefit, and there is no bad day.


P.S. – In case you missed the Nick Breau interview, here’s the link again. He sheds a whole new light on releasing the limiting beliefs that are binding us down.
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