Going to keep my A2Z commitment

OK, I better get crackin’!

15 emails ago, I committed to finishing the A to Z of a Truly Amazing life over the next 30 emails max.

And I’ve got 18 letters still to go!

YIKES, time for some double duty;)

And here’s ‘I’ and ‘J’ to start getting back on track.

(Apparently I was feeling a bit more poetic today)


Patience is essential because life is incremental.

We don’t plant seeds and expect fruit the next day. And a wise farmer doesn’t dread each day until harvest.

At times we’re impatient for the prizes we seek.

But impatience is our clue that we’ve slipped in the trap of believing our joy is at the X on the map.

Yes, goals are important!

But seek them in stride, life’s a journey that gives you joy the whole ride. It’s yours for the taking today, just decide.

There’s as much joy to be found in the striving as there is in arriving.


Joy is the purpose, our reason for existence, yet inevitably we meet with pain and resistance.

So then is our purpose impossible to attain?

Not when we learn to find joy in the pain.

Adversity is a blessing, and when viewed through that lens, our suffering decreases and often it ends.

Kahlil Gibran wrote: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

So embrace the sorrow and accept the pain.

With awareness that both make room for more joy, we learn first to accept, and then to employ, gratitude for literally every single thing.

Here’s the updated list of A to J I’ve sent you so far


Have a wonderful day!




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