For anyone suffering inner turmoil or pain

My heart hurts for those of you going through deep emotional pain that won’t seem to go away…

…Like this:


“Hi Aaron,

I am very emotional unstable this week.I feel lost in my life.

I have been crying everyday, yet no one know about my situation.

I feeling to hurt myself.

What shall I do?




But though it hurts…I am actually really glad to be hearing this type of outreach.

Not glad that someone is suffering of course! But glad that I am hearing about it before something drastic has happened…

…at least then there’s a chance of possibly helping.

If anyone else out there feels like hurting yourself – please don’t do it!

I can relate to those thoughts. I have a kind of an ‘extreme mind’ type of personality. For me it’s most often either:

A) “That’s totally Amazing!” or

B) “That’s the WORST thing ever.”

I’ve learned to temper that over the years. But that’s my tendency.

I can easily swing from the highest of highs, to feeling super low.

“Life is truly amazing!” All the way down to… “I can’t see a way…this is too hard…I just want to die.”

I mostly just laugh at myself now if my mind produces the silly thought “I just want to die” because it’s so completely illogical and would never actually solve anything and only makes everything worse for everyone.

And I’ve been up and down enough to know without any shred of doubt that This Is A Truly Amazing Life – and Everything Is Conspiring For My Benefit.

But I also know that those sentiments are extremely hard to believe when we are suffering intense pain….I have intimate experience with that.

In the past I’ve experienced extremely heavy darkness where I deeply wished I could just die because the pain was so intense.

And I’ve also experienced the state of self-loathing where I just wanted to inflict damage on myself because I didn’t like myself at all.


Disgusted with my actions.

Emotional and physical pain – sometimes both.

Why do I tell you this?

Because I know I’m not alone – and you need to know you’re not alone. And there are proven practices to help get out of that state.

It’s not just you.It’s not just me.It’s everyone…all humanity.

We all feel low at times.

Some of us experience deeper lows for longer than others ever do…

But it’s universal.

So here are two simple things I offer as support for anyone struggling today.

First: I believe in you. Please don’t give up on YOU. You are actually quite amazing. The thoughts in your head that try to say otherwise are called lies.

Second: Please go through my free 5 Video series and follow the suggestions.

I teach the basics of 5 of the 12 habits of a Truly Amazing life there…

Those are some of the fundamental practices that will get you feeling more connected to your true self – your soul.

When you remember who you are, and connect to the real YOU – you will find peace.

You will not feel lost anymore.

The peace you seek is not ‘out there’ somewhere…it is within you.

Please go through the videos and start doing those practices. Then tell me what you are feeling after doing them for say…4-5 days.

The 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life are reliable. They ALWAYS get me back on track, without fail. Literally. They have never failed me.

Make today amazing! (And yes I know that sounds ludicrous from a state of extreme pain or sadness, but it can feel amazing just to make one step of forward progress.)


P.S. – Here’s the link again to the free video series – positive ACTION always makes things better.

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