Fear is your target

One of our TAL Family members Raymond has been seeing good results going through the ‘Believe’ Module of 5 Minute Mental Mastery…but he just asked a really great question:


“I’m still trying to overcome the fear that comes when I need to make crucial decision. Do you have a way that I can practice to overcome the feeling of fear and insecurity when I’m doing my trading activity? Thanks!

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The short answer is this:

Change your view of fear, and incorporate affirmations of truth about fear into your daily affirmation routine.

Stop trying to ‘overcome the feeling of fear’.


Here’s what I mean…hear me out:

Fear is where you should be aiming.

Fear is not something to be afraid of or avoided…quite the contrary

Noticing fear should excite you!

Fear tells you you’re on the right course!

You are the bowling ball!! Your greatest fear is the headpin…Remember that!

That is key to your success and joy in the game of life.


Avoiding fear is a gutter ball, and there are no bumper lanes now that you’re all grown up.

Avoiding your fears is the path to ZERO.

Zero fulfillment.

Zero exhilaration.

Zero growth.

Zero joy.

If you never feel fear that means you never leave your comfort zone.

Your truly amazing life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

No, it’s not comfortable to smash head first into that headpin!

But that’s your job.

You are a bowling ball.

There is no joy or progress in the comfort zone of the gutter.


So…how do you get better at embracing and blasting through fear??

Write some affirmations of truth like this:

“I blast through fears like they’re a few measly pins and I am the bowling ball!”


“I embrace fear because it shows me I’m on track. Fear excites me, motivates me, and guides me to the best course of action.”

And customize those to you however you like.

Then repeat those affirmations with feeling every day, and visualize yourself as the bowling ball blasting right through the head pin.

Then witness the results as you notice that you are powerfully courageous in the face of your fears.

Make Today Amazing!



P.S. – And why go for the head pin?? That’s your biggest fear…knock that one out first and it usually topples a bunch of others with it.



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