Exactly How Does One Go About Living A Truly Amazing Life?

First of all, thank you for reading, and allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I hope you find them helpful and valuable.

The other day I had this question come up in my mind:

“So do I actually know how to tell someone else how to live a Truly Amazing Life?”

And here is what came out the pen as I answered it to myself:

No. I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s for me to tell exactly how. My job and my mission is to remind you that they YOU ALREADY HAVE A TRULY AMAZING LIFE.

My job is to help people change their perspective. To start seeing how truly amazing their life is already. Then the specifics of how for them will be automatic and natural.

How To Change Your Perspective

Decide right now to believe that your life is Truly Amazing, and know it to be so.

Look for and find the beauty and greatness in every minute detail of your life.

Find gratitude and express it and begin to FEEL deep gratitude for every single aspect of your existence, whether you previously thought it was good for you or not.

Be grateful for every single thing about your body, health, finances, relationships, circumstances. There is absolutely something to be grateful for in all of it if you will do the work to look for it.

Choose to see the Amazing!

You already are amazing. Your life is already truly amazing. You just need to see it for what it is.


“But what about all this pain or these hard things I’m going through?”

REMEMBER: Every single thing has good and bad potential. Every atom has positive and negative. Which do you choose to focus on?

It is true. Every single person born on this planet has been given the potential of a truly amazing life. Regardless of whether you’re destitute and poverty stricken, if you’re in severe mental and/or physical pain, or if you were born to the wealthiest family in the world.

Your present circumstances DO NOT dictate the Joy you can experience.

It is all up to you and what you decide to believe!

If you choose to believe that your life is an amazing gift, and you choose to look for the wonderful and amazing in every single thing, you will be blown away at the abundance, love, and goodness that will pour into your life.

I know it’s true, because I experience that often. Even on those days when I experience big challenges or painful circumstances.

On the contrary, if you decide that life is hard, that things just don’t go your way, that some people are just lucky, you are using your most precious gift, your agency, your freedom to choose that is inherent in every person born, to choose what you DON’T WANT.

Believe me, I get it that you can easily justify all those hard things by looking around you at the world and looking at your circumstances.  But is that really how you want to live? Or is it just what you have convinced yourself is real?

Living a Truly Amazing Life Is About Perspective

I absolutely guarantee that anyone can change their perspective and beliefs, and thus change their entire life experience if they really want to.

It’s about deciding and choosing to see your life as an amazing, precious gift. And choosing to see every single thing, event, or person in your life as a precious gift.

It’s all in your mind! Literally.

Start living your birth right! Remember who you are.

This really is a Truly Amazing Life!

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