Every day is Thanksgiving

Every day is Thanksgiving

Be Thankful.


Pretty hard to feel sad, down, discouraged AND thankful at the same time.


And certainly if there’s any day to be thankful of course today!

(At least if you’re in America since it’s ‘Thanksgiving’ Today)


But why not every day?

Since living in a state of awe and gratitude about everything showing up in your life is the essence of living a Truly Amazing Life, why not literally celebrate life every day and say thank you constantly?!

Unless you just want to live a Truly Amazing Life one day per year…I guess you’re off the hook then.


But for everyone else…

What are you thankful for right now?


Here’s an invitation.

Rather than just thinking of two or three things you’re thankful for, I challenge you to do something different today.

Something that will bless your life.



And will make your life amazing immediately.

Got this tip from my friend Anil Gupta (who I’ll be hosting on the podcast soon)


OK, enough stalling…

really? Is it enough?

Not sure if you’re quite ready yet



Want to know how to live a Truly Amazing Life starting right now?!

Want to be filled with a sense of peace, calm, joy, and love?

Oh no…I’m stalling again…doh! 🙂

Or am I still amplifying the buildup?

ooohhh, now you’re getting antsy aren’t you?

The suspense….oh it’s eating you up!


“What is it Aaron!! Just tell me already!”

I can hear you yelling that to me in your head

(I didn’t tell you I’m psychic too did I?)


Alright I give…Here’s what to do:

Be still. Don’t rush. Actually allow yourself to feel grateful as you write down 50 things you are grateful for right now.

That’s it.

Give it a shot.

If after you have done that you don’t feel amazing…go back to your list, and write each one again and then fill in the blank “Because_________________”.

Write down why you are grateful for each item describing what makes that thing so great specifically.

50 things. Not a joke.


Just do it.

I guarantee you it won’t make your life amazing if you don’t do it.

100% Money Back Guarantee on that 🙂


I hope you do it so you have an even more amazing day today!



P.s. – Yes, I did say 50. Don’t stop at 47:)

P.p.s. – Reply and let me know your experience. I’d love to hear it.

P.p.p.s – After you’ve done that, if you want to be amazed and further inspired listen to the interview I did with Michael Sandler of runbare.com who is grateful for literally everything…and absolutely beaming with happiness because of it.

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