Ever get frustrated getting sucked back into bad habits? Try this.

I just got this feedback TAL Mastermind club member Kathy as we wrapped up a super impactful month of focus on the pillar of THINK and the meditation habit…it brings up a great point:


“You inspired me to go deeper into my practice! I am starting to understand that there is no finish line. It is a lifetime process that never ends.

I am not so reactive to things and I am more aware that if somebody is not nice to it is because of them, not me.

There are a lot of people who could benefit from a daily meditation practice…all the answers are inside of us if we just give ourselves the permission to listen!

My life is starting to take some amazing turns for the better! Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you!”


Awesome! I got so many similar responses this month – the habit of meditation and mindfulness is such an important pillar of a Truly Amazing Life.

A couple days later though she wrote back and said:


“I am having “glimpse” of good things happening from my yoga and meditation, then I get sucked back into old habits.

Will this ever stop?




Here are my thoughts on this:

Cherish the glimpses and keep seeking more!

I think of my life, growth, progress, and joy like riding a wave surfing. And this goes for all the habits of a Truly Amazing Life. The more I practice the longer I can stay on top of the wave rather than getting tumbled around in the wave.

It’s absolutely exhilarating riding that wave!

But no wave lasts forever.

And even the best surf pros in the world get tumbled and miss some…and sometimes its painful. Especially when they are ‘upping’ their game and taking bigger risks on bigger waves (i.e…breaking new ground spiritually, or with habits that are new when many old habits still remain).

Don’t worry about perfection.

EXPECT challenge and embrace it.

Enjoy those amazing ‘glimpses’ where you are riding the wave and just keep paddling back out there for more each day.

The more you practice the better you’ll get, the easier and more natural the habits will be, and also the less you’ll be troubled by old habits…they’ll eventually fade away as you fill up your life with better habits.

Hope that image helps! Life is a lot like surfing…there’s a lot to be learned from natures patterns.

Make today amazing!



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