TAL 42: Turning Wounds Into Wisdom with Luminita Saviuc

Luminita is the author of the blog purposefairy.com and she wrote one of the most viral personal growth blog post in history.  15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy – Over 1.2 MILLION people shared it on Facebook.

I met Luminita last year and first heard her touching story.  Rough is a total understatement of what here childhood was like, and she has just about every reason to be bitter and unhappy about the cards she was dealt…yet she is deeply in love with life and now inspires millions of others with her words and attitude.

Sample of some of wisdom taken from her wounds

“Life will give you whatever experience is most beneficial to the evolution of your consciousness.”

“We need to experience darkness to appreciate light.”

“Instead of judging your experiences, think “what if my soul chose this to help me?””

“When you’re having a hard time, day or month, surrender, and keep in mind where you want to go.”

“Picture yourself on an airplane flying through the clouds, as the plane continues to go up, you realize the sun is up there and it is more beautiful than ever.”

“Im actually grateful I had those experiences. ”

“Trust, that everything is happening for a reason “

Listen to Luminita’s touching story here, and be inspired with the words of wisdom she shares about how to live a truly amazing life.

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Watch this video to hear Luminita’s incredibly touching story of what happened to her as a young child and how she overcame it.


Interview Transcript

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  1. That was so sincere and real Luminita. I completely agree with you. Everything happens in our life for a reason and leaves its own lesson and apprenticeship. The way we take that, the way we react depends on the maturity we get with each lesson. Thanks very much Luminita you are so beautiful indeed!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Luminita’s amazing story of her journey to heal her soul and change the direction of her life…incredibly powerful!

    • Aaron Kennard Reply

      You’re welcome! I’m grateful she was able to come on the show also. Totally agree – she is amazing.

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