TAL 37: Daphne Clarke-Hudson Empowers You To Greatness

Daphne Clarke-Hudson Empowers You To Greatness

Daphne’s life is about empowering other people to greatness. Her attitude, her words, her experiences, and her presence all do that. She tells her story and lessons learned growing up in rural Jamaica. And then she fills the airwaves with dozens of nuggets of wisdom. Here’s just a taste of what we discuss on the call today:

  • Why it will transform your life to learn to “walk in your purpose”.
  • Discovering the problem ONLY YOU were created to solve.
  • What is your ONE and ONLY true competition?
  • What happens to your competition when you live in your own authenticity?
  • Why your ‘personal development’ budget should SURPASS all your other budgets
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who IGNITE YOUR PASSION, and how this will change everything in your life.
  • Listen to the end for Daphne’s greatest piece of advice…what is the ONE source of information that is 100% reliable and will never lead you astray.

Enjoy this interview with the empowering Daphne Clarke-Hudson Leave a comment below with your number one takeaway – what ONE change will you make in your life today as a result of being empowered by Daphne? Share the love, we all benefit to hear each others experiences. Subscribe on iTunes right here

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Resources Mentioned

Miles Monroe’s book – In Pursuit Of Purpose

Interview Transcript

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  1. Thank you for the well written post, very rare ieednd to find some one who writes and makes perfect sense on the web now days. Will keep in touch, totally enjoy reading your site!

  2. onesimus Reply

    Jesus Christ is the only mentor worth having

    Nowhere i see u giving Him grace !

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