TAL 35: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It with Kamal Ravikant

A while back I shared this email from TAL Family member Carolyne:

“Dear Aaron,

I can relate with the statement: “I’ve always valued my life, however I have never really known how to be truly happy within myself.”

After reading Kamal Ravikant’s book: ‘love yourself like your life depends on it’ I started a journey of learning to be happy within myself

But combining that with ‘The positive thinking secret’ I’m constantly glowing not only physically but also emotionally….

This is indeed an amazing life…..I only witness bad days from other people. I’m in control ..he he he !!! The first week I started saying ; there is no bad day…I ended up with a lot of questions in my mind but now I do not have to say it…..I live it …and all these are reflecting on my 2 kids.

This is truly an amazing life!!!”

I loved hearing how Kamal’s book and my book had ‘randomly’ worked together for such positive change in Carolyne’s life without our awareness or intention, because Kamal is a friend of mine.

And so I’m stoked today to share a conversation Kamal and I recorded recently on this topic.

On the call Kamal share’s the details of his transformative experience with learning to love himself.

It’s perfectly for this week as we’re getting ready to start the ‘Remember’ module in 5 Minute Mental Mastery next week – because when you truly remember who you are – you gain a deep forgiveness and love for yourself that fills your heart with a deep sense of peace and joy.

We didn’t intend our books to combine forces, but now its clear how powerful the two messages work together – so I’m intentionally sharing Kamal’s work with you today.

Listen in now for wisdom and guidance from Kamal directly here

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P.S. – I also incorporated many of Kamal’s teachings into the next training session on ‘Remember’ coming up next week. He’s got powerful insight to impart. Here’s the link to sign up

Interview Transcript

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