TAL 33: Katie McCarthy’s Life Displays the Power of Remembering Who You are

Katie is a coach and helps people get connected to their unique purpose and design a life that fulfills that.

She also hosts a podcast where she interviews entrepreneurs and focusing the conversation the human aspect of entrepreneurship


This call with Katie was such a gift of honesty and vulnerability to the world.

Katie is an inspiration and example of the value of being vulnerable and willing to express the truth that is inside of us instead of hiding from it.

She went through some business challenges, and the open way she shares about it gives us all so many insights into one key pillar of living a truly amazing life:

Remembering Who You Are

Here are some quotes from Katie toward the end of the call that are simply powerful testaments to how important it is for us to constantly remember who we are:

“It took a lot for me to trust that I was the kind of person that could just make things happen.

The message that I want to get out to the world is: We are not our circumstances.

There aren’t 2 different kinds of people, people who are born to succeed and those who are not. Some people just put their limiting beliefs to the side long enough to take action inside of a bigger possibility. And those people do extraordinary things. That’s what it takes.”

“When I was able to reconnect to who I am and the divinity of who we all are, I became aware of all these amazing things and people around me.

And all of a sudden everything in my life was reframed in a positive way. Everything instantly went from bleak and I’m not good enough, to my LIFE IS AMAZING!

Now I don’t ever want to go to sleep anymore.

I’ve always been the kind of person who seeks to learn a lot of things but the place I always resisted looking to learn was inside. Now I’ve started to ask my body what it wants. I’m asking myself questions, instead of asking other people for their opinion and guidance. And you know what? I’ve been answering. And that has been so profound. To know that the love that I was seeking outside of me, I have an infinite well spring of that inside, and all I needed to do was look in the right direction.”

Listen in, I dare you to try and not be inspired by Katie 😉

Then share in the comments your #1 take away from this soul bearing conversation with Katie.

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  1. It was such a pleasure to be on Truly Amazing Life. I love your message and what you are creating with the TAL Family. I had a blast!

    • The pleasure was mine too Katie!! I loved having you on the show. You showed us a powerful example of finding joy and freedom by confronting the truth.

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