TAL 32: Transformational ‘Penny Perspectives’ from Life Enthusiast Leslie Stein

Leslie Stein is a wonderful story teller, a leader, and a coach. She’s also an author, speaker, and her website says she’s a ‘Life Enthusiast’

I can totally vouch for that…Leslie is a person that is bursting at the seams with positive energy and enthusiasm for life. It’s infectious to be around her, so I felt privileged to be able to spend some time on the phone with her.

On this call Leslie shares a moving experience about her time in the Army when she was told some pretty harsh things by her commanding officer which sent her life into multi-year roller coaster that brings out many lessons we can all now learn from.

She has learned since that “Happiness is a choice that I make every single day.”

She also told a cool analogy from her life about baggage.

“Sometimes you have to be willing to put down the baggage you’re carrying to get the things you really want.”

Listen to the call and be inspired by the enthusiastic storyteller Leslie Stein.

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Interview Transcript

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