TAL 31: Take Control of Your Life and Remove Negative Influences with Jake Nawrocki

This is a conversation with Jake Nawrocki from Operation Self Reset.

Jake is committed to motivating and inspire others to live a full life…we we get along pretty great, and had a fun conversation where he tells some inspirational personal stories.

At one point in the call he shares how his choice to follow his heart led to the end of some life-long relationships with friends.

It wasn’t easy, and it is a powerful example to us.

Listen in now for some great inspiration and example on taking control of your life.


Also, a quick update on the TAL Mastermind, June 2nd 2014 is now set as the official launch date.

I’m getting super excited to kick this off with everyone who decides to participate.

We’ve already got a strong core group in the mastermind Pre-launch, and as of this posting there’s still a little time to join that and get a lifetime discount on the Mastermind.

We are creating a 12 month habit training course to embed the habits of each of the 12 pillars of a TAL into our lives.

This is going to be an amazing and transformational year for everyone who commits to themselves to doing the daily simple things, and establishing these habits.

Go here for access to the pre-launch team.

I’ll be posting more details on the launch as we get closer, and where to sign up.

The first pillar of a TAL we’ll be focusing on is “Remembering who you are”.

This is such a key to living a TAL, and you are not going to want to miss this opportunity to get the habits associated with that established. Be aware that we won’t be returning to that one for another year in the mastermind, since each month we focus on just one 1 of the 12 pillars.

That’s all for now, Have an amazing day! Enjoy the episode.

Connect With Jake and other resources

Jakes Website – Operation Self Reset

Books mentioned:

Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

One Word That Will Change Your Life


Interview Transcript

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