TAL 28: Gabe Strom reshapes your perspective on being Rich and Awake

TAL 28: Gabe Strom reshapes your perspective on being Rich and Awake

Gabe is an entrepreneur and is focused on helping people shift their paradigm and experience breakthroughs and success in the areas of money and life in general, and he’s got a ton of good things to say on topic.

Gabe has been an entrepreneur throughout his life and has been involved in marketing online for nearly 6 years.

And what I loved about this interview with Gabe was his refreshing perspective on the word perspective.

He’s just extremely open, curious, and thirsting for more knowledge.

Like this burning question he wonders about “What about our world today do we believe is flat right now?”

Meaning, what beliefs are holding us back from so much expansive potential, like the belief years ago that the world was flat held the world back at that time.

Here are a bunch of the dozens of nuggets of truth that spilled out of Gabe’s mouth the entire call:

Anytime there’s lack of happiness its because we’re living in the past or the future.

All we can control is right now.

Pay attention to what is happening now and be happy with what you’ve got.

I changed my prayers from ‘please bless me with abundance’ to ’Thank you for what you’re giving me.’

There’s freedom when you’re happy with your journey and where you are at.

You truly are in 100% control of what you are creating today.

You are creating the meaning of everything that happens.

One thing I’ve noticed from all the successful people I’ve interviewed is they all have a powerful lens they look through.

If you want better results it starts with asking better questions.

Ask, ‘how can I do what I love every single day?’

What you think you might want…probably isn’t that.

You are so much more powerful than you realize and than you give yourself credit for.

We as humans are the only part of creation that has limiting beliefs

Enjoy the call with Gabe!  I believe it will help you see things in a better light.


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  1. Thanks for having me on the “Truly Amazing Live Podcast” Aaron. It was a lot of fun and always a pleasure to connect with you. Be blessed.

    • Thank you for your powerful words Gabe! I loved the discussion.

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