TAL 21: Special Invitation & 2 breakthrough questions on limiting beliefs

Special Invitation

Nick and I discuss 2 questions to ask to begin uncovering limiting beliefs.

And here’s our invitation to you:

Leave a comment or email me at aaron@trulyamazinglife.com with your answer to these two questions and we will pick 3 or 4 of your questions and create a special video breakthrough session specifically on your question and share those with you all for everyone’s benefit next week.

Here are the questions:

  1. Think of your goal or objective, could be your ideal body weight for example.  Then ask yourself: If I were to accomplish this goal, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
  2. Now think of your current situation, not having achieved your goal and ask:  How does this situation make me feel? What’s the one dominant word that comes up?

Look at your past experiences and see if that same emotion keeps coming up over and over again in past similar or other experiences in life.

If you can trace it back to the same feeling in your childhood you will know you have discovered a dominant negative or limiting emotion and belief.

We look forward to hearing your responses so we can create specific breakthrough video instructions for you all!


** Note ** Responses must be in by midnight on Thursday Feb. 13, 2014 to be considered for a specific video response tailored to your question


Special Invitation #2

P.S. Nick is doing a free webinar this Wednesday at 6 PM EST on ‘Returning to your natural state of Joy and Abundance’ and getting in the flow.

Go here to register now. Space is limited on the live webinar.

It’s bound to be awesome!

He just did a workshop on the topic 2 weeks ago with unanimous 10 ratings of how impactful the content was. I’m excited to hear his thoughts on this.


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