TAL 17: Justin Burns’ Journey to a Truly Amazing Life



In this episode of Truly Amazing Life Podcast, Just shares his journey to a Truly Amazing Life from living a life full of depression, pain, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and darkness in his past.

Listen in and discover how he became the man he believed he’s destined to be.

Show Highlights:

1:15 – discussion on depression

3:45 – you choose your life, nobody else does

04:49 – Appreciating and focusing on the little things that he’s grateful for.

07:07 – Talked about where it all started. His “Down Moment”.

09:59 – The “Turning Point”

11:29 – The Suicide Attempt

13:30 – The Enlightenment; “Life is Beautiful once Understood”

15:13 – Made a Commitment with God.

16:10 – Start of an amazing journey; A brand new day.

18:22 – Process of Transformation

19:01 – The most unforgettable event after the transformation.

21:20 – Life’s purpose

23:26 – Finding joy in pain

27:37 – Being the best person

28:00 – Visualization

33:16 – Having enough ‘guts’

34:24 – Changing your image; another form of manifestation

36:58 – Positive thoughts conflicting with the negatives.

38:06 – Healing; Accepting who you are. Acknowledging the present moment.

39:00 – Talks about the initial healing process. Be honest with yourself.

41:06 – Talks about knowing where to start the healing process; Proactive mode vs. Reactive mode

42:04 – Discussion about facing your fears

43:42 – Discussing the Pillars of his life; Elaborates why he’d chosen Celebrate Life and Smile

44:51 – Highlighting “Psycho Cybernetics”

47:05 – The Final Word: Commit to a GREAT LIFE.


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Interview Transcript

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