TAL 40: Take Control Of Your Energy with Yuri Elkaim

You are in for a treat today!

My good friend Yuri has knocked it out of the park with his new book that is just released officialy TODAY (the day of this posting)…

All-Day Energy Diet BookYuri is a man on a mission to help millions of people live healthier, more energized lives…and he is doing an amazing job.

I’ve been through a ton of personal pain and spent thousands of dollars on my personal journey in health and wellness, and Yuri’s new book condenses the most important points of everything I have learned on this topic into one simple, easy to read, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, easy to implement book on the topic!

The ideas and concepts he presents are accessible for everyone, whether you are carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleo…heck…even if you’re just a REGULAR HUMAN BEING! ūüôā ¬†His concepts are approachable for everyone, and very valuable. ¬†They match better than any one book I have read with the things that have helped me most.

I think you’re going to enjoy this opportunity to hear directly from the author Yuri, because¬†I asked him a bunch of specifics about what is in his book and why. ¬†For many of us it’s even faster to learn with just a quick explanation, and he does a great job of laying out many of the books principles in our phone conversation.

On the call we get into a bunch of awesome stuff including:

  • how energy works, specifically with your blood
  • How to exercise properly so you don’t destroy your body
  • Success stories people have had folling the ‘All-day energy diet’
  • Energy through tranquility trumps energy through stimulation.
  • Living life on your own terms
  • Controlling your destiny


Then when you’re done listening, I HIGHLY recommend buying Yuri’s book. ¬†I have read the entire thing and it is awesome…EXTREMELY VALUABLE information.

Because quite frankly, I see many people struggling to live the truly amazing life they deserve because they are unaware of the principles of health in this book.

Without health, vibrance, and energy, it becomes a LOT more challenging to live the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

Not that it can’t be done…but why give ourselves the challenge? ¬†Your health is so important…don’t neglect it. ¬†I encourage you to listen to Yuri and follow his advice because it will absolutely increase your ability to experience joy on a daily basis in your life.

Order The Book Here To get Hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses!

In conjunction with his book release, he’s giving some really cool bonuses if you buy the book through that¬†special link, rather than just buying it from a book store only.

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Interview Transcript

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