TAL 18: Immediate Happiness with Anil Gupta

Today I get the pleasure of sharing a discussion with a man who radiates happiness.

Show Highlights

02:27 – Living in adversity makes you a different man. 04:24 – Anil enjoys being annoyed??

04:27 – ‘Throw some awareness at it’ to be able to live in the present moment.

05:24 – Live in the NOW

06:19 – We grow once we become aware.

08:00 – Knowledge is powerless…unless you implement

09:40 – Anil’s Painful realization – How he acquired his “identity”.

11:40 – Anil’s one big mistake 11:52 – What you focus on is what you get.

18:10 – The three things of fulfilment

20:49 – Empowering others and Anil’s amazing gift to you!

(excuse the knocking in this call, there was some construction going on at my place at the time.)

Anil Gupta is amazing. And you need to hear the end of this call because Anil offers you a FREE gift of his personal time that is incredibly generous. When I first met Anil just after a beautiful sunset on a beach in the Dominican Republic I was immediately struck by his giving heart. Within 5 minutes of knowing him he had already served me in at least 3 ways. He’s one of those people where you just can’t help but smile being around.   Listen to this inspiring call with Anil!

Free Gift From Anil

Get a free personal conversation with Anil! If you don’t take him up on it you’re crazy! Seriously! Anil is amazingly generous to give you his time free like this. I have never had a guest offer such value before. His time is easily worth hundreds per hour, and he will absolutely give you something that will make you happier. I’m not sure how many people he can really do this for…so schedule with him now before he comes to his senses. I really want to hear how it helps you.

Click here to get a free session with Anil!

Click here to grab a copy of Anil’s Book “Immediate Happiness: Be Happy NOW Using Practical Steps with Immediate Proven Results”.

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Interview Transcript

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