Don’t expect overnight transformation…but be open to it.

I loved the heart and intent behind this message from new TAL Family member Carina from Denmark:


Hi Aaron,

I have just read your book in one stretch… Just could not stop.

For a long period of time, I have been sad and without purpose…I have been feeling lonely and full of self pity.

I do not expect your story will change my life overnight…and I will need practice in living the truly amazing lifestyle…but I feel inspired to make a change. And I will try, with all my heart, to make the change and never to have a bad day again.



I love the cultural diversity of this TAL Family and am so grateful to hear from so many of you from every different country.

And I am reminded that everywhere in the world we deal with the same emotional challenges…we really are one big family, we’re all so similar inside.


A couple thoughts worth mentioning on this topic

I like how you she is not expecting overnight immediate change. That is good.

It’s important to realize that change is a daily process.

But do know this: when you commit to the daily process of growth, and you commit to the daily act of making today amazing – there will be times of breakthrough – and it is quite possible that they can happen soon…so just be open to that as well!

For some people, just the initial shift of to believing that ‘Everything is conspiring for your benefit’ radically alters the experience of life right away. It’s different for everyone though.

So just a reminder to stay open to life, and know that it is absolutely possible to be fully present now – and make each day amazing by doing that.

Here’s an example I also received of a quick transformation from our newest 5 Minute Mental Mastery member Angela:


“In the week I’ve been using your tools and the free emails, I’ve become amazingly more positive, much more able to let go of small disappointments and create happiness in any moment.

I’m serious this is after one week. I just joined 5MMM and I truly believe this life transformation will deepen.

Just what I have done with your help so far (the blog, podcast, and five beginning videos) is seriously saving my marriage and my job. I’m not exaggerating.

Aaron… Thank you!”


Angela’s belief in the possibility was certainly strengthened by her experience. But I’m certain she believed the principles I shared would help…or she would not have acted on them.

Belief is a critical first step.

If you close your mind to the possibility just because ‘nothing has worked before’ it can hinder your progress.

So I invite you to believe in the possibility that the 12 pillars of a TAL can change your life dramatically. But also, to commit to living the lifestyle, because joy in life is about daily growth…not one-time transformation and then you’re done.

Sometimes growth feels like a long road with no change in sight, but you never know what’s around that next bend.

Make today amazing!




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