Do you know how to smile and be optimistic?

Can you relate to this TAL Family Member Jamie B.?

My number 1 biggest challenge in living the amazing life that I want is myself.

I feel like I’m negative and irritable most of the time and it’s driving me crazy, but I don’t know how to smile and be optimistic.

I appreciate the open frustration description that I’m sure many share.

It is so hard to smile and be optimistic sometimes, especially when we get caught in that vicious cycle and habit of thinking negatively.

It takes a lot of work at first, but you can build your optimism muscles.

I recommend starting small, and implementing a daily practice.

I’ve seen that so much of being positive and happy can often be just a lack of awareness of ‘how to do it’.

  • So let me give you just one example that has worked wonders for me. It’s process I learned from Esther and Jerry Hicks in their amazing book ‘Ask And It Is Given’.

Start a ‘positive aspects’ journal

Get a notebook, and write on the front of it…Positive Aspects.

Then on page one, write at the top …. Positive aspects of ____________ (pick any topic, even if it’s something you don’t feel any positive feelings about)

Then just start writing anything and everything you can think of that has any shred of positivity.

You may be challenged to come up with much. Just do your best. Think of the smallest thing. Write it down. If you run out of things that are positive, write down a new topic, and start again with that one.

This will kick negativity in the butt and give it the boot to the curb of your mind where it belongs.

For example, when I was in severe pain and my body was deteriorating with an auto-immune disease, I wrote this while in the tub one day:

– Positive aspects of the butt pain –

  • I’m becoming more capable of empathy and true love.
  • It is teaching me what I am capable of.
  • It is increasing my capabilities. I am now more capable of relating to people who suffer pain.
  • It is reminding me daily to express gratitude for all things.
  • What an honor and privilege it is to be counted worthy and capable of experiencing this much pain.
  • God must have amazing joy in store for me which excites me immensely.
  • There must be so much suffering of mind in the world right now that God needs me to help alleviate.
  • This pain is showing me a deeper level of my Faith and bringing me closer to God.
  • It’s giving me lots of bath time! 😉
  • It’s providing a fantastic contrasting life experience which greatly enhances my joy- experiencing potential.

I wrote a lot more positive things than that actually, I ended up with a whole page of positivity and it left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, right in the very midst of some super intense pain.

At first it is HARD to think of anything positive about the situation. But as you practice, and get in the flow, it just starts flowing out.

The reason I was able think of those positive things is because I had made it a regular practice in my life to write down positive aspects of things.

Will you do it? Will you commit to start this practice daily?

If you do it sincerely, and daily, I would bet money that you will no longer be irritable and negative most of the time, and in contrast you will be happy and positive most of the time.

This is one proven way to teach yourself to smile and be optimistic.

I hope to hear how it goes for you.  Leave a comment below and let us all know.

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