Distraction Is The Destroyer Of Your Dreams

Yesterday’s discussion focused on the detriments of the distraction habit.

That subject line is one of my favorite reminders on distraction – I guess I’m keen on alliteration since it helps me remember things better;)

I like it because it reminds me to stay FOCUSED.

The only way to live fully in the present is to be fully focused on the present moment.

Whatever you are doing right now.

And only when we put our entire focus on a thing can we achieve excellence in that thing.

There’s so much energy in focus.


A fire starts through focusing the suns rays through a magnifying glass.

Same with our thoughts. When we focus all of them on one thing, massive energy, exponential in power takes place.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

It’s an amazing feeling to be living that flow state, where nothing is on your mind but the very moment you are engrossed in and all time seems to disappear.

It’s an important state – the more we can train ourselves to be fully present in this very moment, the more life we experience. The more joy. The more amazing life is.


So when you decide to do something – anything – focus on that thing with your whole mind and heart.

When it comes to achieving your dreams in life, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll never achieve them if you don’t eliminate distraction habits. Ask me how I know.

But with focus of mind, you can achieve anything you believe.


Here’s a counterpoint though.

When is distraction a beneficial thing?

Yesterday a reader told me their #1 challenge right now:

“Alcohol as a crutch to fulfill my days off from work”

Perhaps there is a place for ‘healthier’ distraction. Perhaps checking Facebook, or email, would be a good stepping stone replacement habit as you move away from the habit of using alcohol.

I don’t know – just a thought.


Anywhoo – I still believe distraction is the destroyer of our dreams, but that has to be taken in context – because at some times distracting ourselves from a destructive behavior through less destructive behavior may be a valuable thing to do.

We’re all at different places…I’m sure there’s no one size fits all answer.

But there are probably healthier replacements to ‘alcohol’ that would perform the same ‘distraction’ role in a more healthy, actually getting present to things way.

Like getting outside.

Or reaching out a friend.

If you missed this podcast episode with Stacy Bare, it’s a great one to listen to. The very things that pulled him out of depression, unfulfillment, wanting to commit suicide were:

The Outdoors and Loving Community.

Now he runs the outdoor program for the Sierra Club and lives a truly amazing life.


That’s all for now – go make today amazing!



P.S. and if that’s too far of a stretch today, just work on doing 1 thing to make today a little better…start with gratitude.

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