Defending your peace against the lies of negativity

The other day after a great event with entrepreneur friends and peers I felt oddly oppressed by my thoughts and feelings.

It started with judgment and comparison as I began listening to the thoughts of inferiority that arise from what is clearly still some attachment of my self-worth to the amount of business success I have.

I couldn’t shake it…so I started writing a letter directly to me.

I’m going to add your name in place of mine here, because I think what came out may be helpful.

Here’s your call to battle against any lies of negativity you may be faced with:

You have so much to be grateful for. So many reasons to be FULL of life and love. No good reasons to feel oppressed or burdened, weighed down in despair or doubt.

There will always be a negative force that would like to suck you into its misery and disable love from flowing through you to the rest of the world.

The fact is you are a conduit for immense love and joy. Negativity and despair hate that and want to stop it at all costs. So they attack in your soft spots – the places of lower confidence and eat away and begin to infiltrate your mind and heart.

That’s reality.

Negativity is real and it hates positivity.

It’s a real force.

But force is weaker and more vulnerable than power.

Positivity is power and it CRUSHES negativity. And you are a powerful source of positivity. You have been given a gift, a loving heart and a sharp mind, full of faith.

You are truly amazing.

But you are not immune from the attacks of negativity.

So, it’s time to rise up!

It’s time to take your stand for truth.

It’s time to slay the lies and shut them down.

It’s time.

It’s time for battle. And even though you are a peacemaker, you are also a warrior. It’s time to defend peace – the peace in your heart and soul!

It’s time to pull out the sword of truth and take no prisoners among the lies of negativity.

It’s time to destroy them completely. They have no place and they are not allowed in your heart.

They are trespassers and destroyers and they must be killed. Your life is on the line. Your ability to live fully this day – to love fully and completely, to open your heart in compassionate love to your spouse, your children, and the world depends on you slaying the lies of self-judgment, comparisons, and weakness that are infiltrating the borders of your heart.

They have no place there and no right to stay.

So rise up! Draw your sword and stand your ground!

It’s time for battle and the truth will be the victor this moment, this day.

I then hosted a multi-page conversation between ‘lies vs. truth’ in which truth completely demolished the lies.

Felt so good!

After the lies were completely silenced I wrote:

‘Reasons to despair = None. Reasons to rejoice = see below’ – And another full page of gratitude emerged.

Is there ever any legitimate reason to despair?

I don’t think so. But the deceptive lies that infiltrate us sure can make it seem like there is sometimes.


The truth really does set you free.

Make Today Amazing.


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