Can I be completely open with you?

If not, you might want to skip this message. Or all my messages;) Because I am going to share my ‘actual’ thoughts as much as possible, not just contrived for you thoughts I think you want to hear.

Many people may not want to hear my actual thoughts. And that is ok with me. I’m still going to share them because I don’t have any desire to pander. Even if that alienates me from some or many.

I read back in my journal this morning…and for some reason felt like this May help someone…here goes. (Yikes…it’s not easy putting this in the public…something about that line of personal sacredness. Where is that line? I’m not sure. So I guess as a risk taker I will try to forget about it and keep opening myself up. I guess in the end I’d rather people know the real me than some contrived version.)


From the journal…


*When I’m older, what will I say from my rocking chair? (will i sit in a rocking chair?)

I hope I say:*

“This is a truly, truly amazing life. I have given my whole entire soul to the passionate pursuit of living a full and amazing life. I have worn myself out in the service of others – in spreading joy and light every single moment of every day. I didn’t let one day go by without loving, giving, smiling, laughing, and growing. And I’m going to continue loving every precious remaining moment I am blessed to be on this planet.

I am so grateful to God for blessing me with the courage to follow my heart and the faith to listen to His whizperings to my soul.

I am so grateful for the unspeakably amazing gift God has given me of my precious companion Nan and our children and our amazing grand children.

My heart is constantly bursting at the seems to make room for the love that has constantly poured into my heart throughout my life and continues.”

That’s what I think I’ll be saying.

And I’ll probably still be weeping. Just like I am right now. I can’t stop it. Nor would I want to. I am so in love. I am so grateful to be alive.

And then my thoughts turn toward those who are suffering with thoughts of wanting to die.

Or those just getting by. Going through the dreary motions, long faces…in a daze.

Not even realizing their faces are long. Just consumed with worry, and fear, and hating themselves for all their mistakes and shortcomings.

And suddenly the exact same tears have a different feel. My heart aches a bit for them. I feel their pain bitterly. And it makes me want to somehow help them see the reality.

Somehow wake them up.

And help them see how stunning and beautiful they really are. And how their mistakes are so forgivable.

If they can somehow remember who they really are – they would be so much nicer to themselves.

Somehow I’m going to help them remember.


And every day forever more. I’m going to do whatever I can to help. I’m not going to stop as long as there is someone suffering.



Seems like I’ve been seeing life from the rocking chair of my 90’s a bunch lately…hmmm.

Well, if you made it this far, I hope that was beneficial for you somehow.


Remembering who we are…it’s so important.

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Thanks for being a part of my life!



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