Book #2 is here! Remember Who You Are

Big news…today’s the day! Book #2 in the series The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life is now available!

It’s titled…

Remember Who You Are: How to Find Meaning and Purpose, Reclaim Your Passion For Life, and Unlock Hidden Treasures of Self-Confidence & Self-Love.

And that’s exactly what it will help you do.

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It’s meant to be read in one brief 5-minute message per day for four weeks, and by the end of the month, you’ll have a new habit! Your new habit may seem too simple to have much effect…

…But it will likely produce dramatic results in your life!

I released an early version of the book to a small group of TAL Family members last year — when it was called 5 Minute Mental Mastery. Here’s what a few of them said after finishing the 4 weeks of daily messages:


“I am deeply grateful for your help and daily coaching.

These daily messages have been transformational.

I have been so much happier and more positive. Other people have noticed this about me too.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this a 10! I’m not just being nice either.

This has had a huge impact on me. Aaron, you have been changing my life so much more for the better.

These pillars are working and seem to be having a healing effect.

I have a brighter hope for overcoming my PTSD and being able to accomplish the things I’ve only been able to dream of before.

– Crystal Tavenner


“Before this, I was not in control of my life. My life battery was low. My outlook on life has changed. I have regained my joy for life. By remembering who I am, speaking to myself has truly uplifted my spirits.”

~ Tebogo Mhinga, South Africa


I have noticed my view of myself isn’t very high at all, and I don’t love myself enough! It’s only through starting to remember who I am that I have started to find peace.

“I absolutely loved your daily nuggets of wisdom. It was an amazing month for me learning more and more how to remember who I really am, and I truly see how important and key this is! Thanks again for all your amazing work.”

~ Joseph Michael, United Kingdom


I’m super excited to finally have this training published in every available book format so that it’s accessible for everyone, everwhere.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected or a bit ‘off’ lately, I’m certain this simple daily practice and these messages will help you make the shift back to a state of peace and confidence.

If you’ve been feeling wonderful, but you’d love to add a simple practice that will amplify your personal power and self-confidence…this is definitely for you too.

Here are the links again for the 3 main retail stores where the book is available: iTunes (eBook & audiobook), Amazon (for paperback or kindle), or Google Play (eBook).

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Inside the book, there’s a link where you can join to get email delivery of each daily message, included with the book purchase. Most people have found this the best way to read the book.

You can also download the entire audio format of the book.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you this month with this essential inner-connection and self-love pillar.

Get the book Remember Who You Are now on iTunes here, or Amazon here, or Google Play here.


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover

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