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The ‘Affirm Your Truth’ Promise
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The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life - A Brief History
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Day 1 - Create the habit of affirming.
Day 2 - You become what you think about!
Day 3 - Be disciplined...but also be kind to yourself.
Day 4 - Time to drive these beliefs even deeper into the subconscious.
Day 5 - Belief releases creative POWER. It triggers the power to DO.
Day 6 - What is faith and why is it so important?
Day 8 - You are on the path. You’re becoming a Jedi Master.
Day 9 - The simplest way to measure & improve your mental health.
Day 10 - The nuts and bolts of habit creation.
Day 11 - Every adversity contains a powerful seed.
Day 12 - A short personal story on the power of affirmation.
Day 13 - Have you been shaping your destiny lately?
Day 15 - Allow yourself to dream.
Day 16 - Does it require belief when you can see and touch it?
Day 17 - The power of habitual imaginations.
Day 18 - How to choose to be happy.
Day 19 - Become your own master by imprinting good images in your mind.
Day 20 - If you are ‘staying busy’ but feeling lousy, what kind of a life is that?
Day 22 - Achieve harmony in life through alignment.
Day 23 - Remember the importance of the little things.
Day 24 - What do you think about when you don’t have to think about anything?
Day 25 - We are all hypnotized into NOT believing. De-hypnotize yourself!
Day 26 - Direct your own life using the simple science of habit
Day 27 - You hold the key to your destiny.
Day 29 - If you are doing anything and you feel bad, STOP!
Day 30 - Remember the importance of the 10,000 strikes.


So What's Next?
What To Expect Going Forward
In Closing
How You Can Help!


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