Audio Version of ‘The Positive Thinking Secret’ is released on Audible!

I bet you thought I was going to miss you today huh?

No way.

A bit of technical difficulties this morning but that’s not going to stop me from sending you something valuable today.


2 things. Related.


1 – “The Positive Thinking Secret” reader Jeannie wrote me yesterday and said:

“Today, I read 80% of your book. I started early this morning and could not put it down. I had to at least find out how you got through your illness and are still so upbeat and living your amazing life.”

Obviously it’s cool to hear that the book engrossed her (as opposed to grossing her out;), and Jeannie I’m excited for you to get to the last 20% still where I hammer home the main point.


Thing 2 – I was interviewing a good friend for the Truly Amazing Life Show this morning, and he started telling me about how he has good days and bad days still…even though he does see life as truly amazing.

So I just had to give him a hard time because he OBVIOUSLY didn’t read my book yet if he is still having ‘bad days’.

(You’ll have to hear it…look for the upcoming interview with Mark Gans)

And he’s going to read the book now, I guarantee, because it finally came out in Audio version on Audible. And he’s like me…he reads 80% more via audio books because its so efficient.

So I’m stoked its out for more people to hear now.

Check it out here if you’re an audio-book type!

It’s ranking #1 and #2 in 2 different self-help categories on Amazon right now!  Awesome, check it out.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.09.59 PM

I challenge anyone to ever have a bad day ever again after they read my book.

Because I make the case pretty heavily that having a bad day is 100% our choice.

I can’t go into it all right now…go read the book for the full details.

Apparently it’s a pretty fast read, from what I’m hearing.

You can still get it free on Amazon Kindle version here.


And hey…can you think of any good reason not to decide that every day is a good day?

if so, email me…I’m curious for your thoughts on that.

And then go read my book…so you can hear my reasoning on it.


Once you have read my book PLEASE leave a review on Amazon.  I would GREATLY appreciate that.  I love hearing from you personally, but it is so much more powerful and helpful if you leave a review on Amazon because it helps spread the message so more people can be blessed by it.  Thank you!!


That’s it for today! There’s still time to make today amazing 😉



PS – (and if you are in a funk, feeling off, or beat up by something right now…amazing for you may just be focusing on feeling a little better.  You can do that!  Here’s a tip Mark left me with today…SAY THANK YOU!  Start expressing gratitude in your thoughts for what you do have right now.  It turns everything around)


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