An accidental relationship enhancing idea

As I thought about what I wrote yesterday on unity, I remembered something I accidentally stumbled upon something recently that made a wonderful difference in the unity and love in my relationship with Nan.

A friend sent me a product he had created and asked me to review it for him.

It’s called the ‘Shower Genius Idea Board’, a plastic board with some suction cups and a waterproof marker…for capturing ideas in the shower.

At first I was having a hard time reviewing it because it wouldn’t stay on the wall. Honestly, the product is pretty low quality.

But after I got some silicone to stick the suction cups to the tile, I had a ‘genius’ idea that has proven truly wonderful.

After I began acting on that idea, I was compelled to rate the product 5 stars because the results I got from it were simply awesome.

Here was the idea: It struck me that this little plastic board would be the perfect place to write a love note or compliment to Nan each day.

Empowering other people by truly listening and sincerely complimenting them has been the one habit of a Truly Amazing Life® that has eluded me for a long time now.

I suddenly saw a way that I could make sure I was complimenting my beautiful wife at least one time minimum each day.

So I began writing a compliment, note of gratitude, or something I love about her on that little board every day in the shower.

Immediately I began seeing similar messages back to me from her each day.

Each day now, we are both get welcomed into the shower by a thoughtful, loving note from the other person.

In very short order this simple act of complimenting & praising each other in writing has greatly enhanced our feeling of unity & love.

It had been my goal since the beginning of 2014 to feel deeply unified with Nan.

When we celebrated our 13th anniversary a couple weeks ago I realized that I felt more in love and more unified with her than perhaps ever in our marriage.

It was an amazing feeling.

The daily love note was just the finale in a slew of things I had been actively trying, but I don’t think it was coincidence that within a matter of weeks of starting that daily habit that I was feeling more unified than I can remember.

Small and simple things make huge differences.

So that’s just one powerful idea for you if you feel like you want to enhance the unity and love in your relationships.

Find a way to make complimenting and praising someone a regular habit.

It’s not always easy to keep coming up with new things to say…but its well worth the small effort.

Make today amazing!

~ Aaron


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover


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