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a steady and reliable horse

We all fall down. We all get knocked off the horse.

But some of us don’t even have a reliable horse in the first place.

Do you have a reliable horse?

And do you get back on it and ride?


Day in and day out?


A reliable horse will take you to amazing places. But not if you don’t get on and ride. And if you don’t feed it, rest it, and take care of it.

A reliable horse will give you an amazing journey.

I love my horse!

My horse rocks. He’s super reliable.

I love that he’s always there for me. Even if I neglect him one day, he forgives and is eager to have me back in the saddle.

And I love getting back in.

It’s so great to know that saddle is always there, waiting for me to just strap it on and raise.

My horse is named Felix by the way.

I just named him that.

I didn’t ever think to name him until just now.

So why not Felix? That’s a cool name for a horse. I love Felix!

He’s so consistent.

So empowering.

So life giving.

He gets me where I want to go. Just as long as I get on.


I’ve had horses before that weren’t so reliable. They always ended up letting me down. Sure I’d get on them every day – they served me I guess – or I wouldn’t have kept them around. But they didn’t take me down good paths.

Always found the rockiest, most gnarly, tree-filled, thorny path through the forest.

Some horses just don’t have that horse sense, you know what mean?

Others do.

Felix has it.

Felix Rocks!

He navigates me on the best paths. I can totally trust felix to hook a brother up! I’m glad I didn’t think to name my old horses…makes it easier to not hold a grudge! J/K.

Not their fault I chose to rely on them now is it?


Yep, I love me a reliable horse!

’cause even when I fall off – or forget him for a day – I know he’s there to get me back on my way.

And sure enough, I jump on, and things start feeling pretty groovy again quick.

What’s your horse’s breed?

Felix is part meditation, part pen & paper, part exercise & healthy eating, & part visualization and affirmation.

He’s my habit horse.

And he hooks me up!

One old habit horse I rode for a time came from the distraction, junk food, stressing out about work, & working crazy hours to the neglect of my body stock.

He was nothing but trouble.

What’s your habit horse made of? And are you taking care of him?


5 Minute Mental Mastery can help. It’s only focused on one habit so far, but it’s an important one.

Let me know how it helps…I’ll create more in time once I get enough positive feedback.


Get back on the horse! And make sure it’s a reliable one;)



I LOOK FORWARD TO 5MMM every day I feel calmer and more relaxed.Most times I am excited for the day. You start my day in a positive way. Writing the affirmations has been a great idea looking forward to Today! -Mrs. Margee

I really enjoyed your book & I’m applying some of your principles in my life. I also enjoy the emails it helps me focal on what is important in life. Thank you for everything. - Preston

I do feel amazing, the amazing vibe is actually gradually healing me, I can literally feel it. Already breakthroughs are occurring within my family and I know it is because I have put my faith into this amazing gift you so carefully and thoroughly share with me each day! - Sam

I really appreciate your work and effort. It had truly helped me turn to a more positive way of thinking. I have my days but I correct myself and jump right back in to motion. - Ann

I have read your book “The Positive thinking secret” and I am so grateful that I downloaded it. It has completely changed my concepts of situations as well as how I react to them, so I must emphasis on how grateful I am. - Carley

Aaron, Thank you! It is a truly amazing life, your 5MMM has helped me focus on the positive that is in my life and has shown me that I can create new habits and replace old detrimental habits! - David

I do not know but the day I laid my eyes below the title of your book..I knew exactly what is missing for me to be completely happy “How to forget the past, smile at the future and laugh in the face of pain” - Carolyne

Thank you for your great and inspiring book (which I’m still reading) and 5MMM tool for ‘improving’ myself :) Greetings from Poland! - Przemek

I feel focus and very excited about the new direction of my life.  Thank you. - Sabrina

I read your book and found it very inspiring. My spirits have felt very light over the past week and I really want to thank you for taking the time to reach out. - Bernie

I feel like I’m very slowly getting closer to the person I need to be. I’m speaking these affirmations aloud and to others in conversation, and it helps. Thank you for this information and for sharing your experiences and for helping me. - Kristi

Your book was very inspiring. I was especially struck by the part about being thankful. I have had a few years of living with a very negative attitude and knew it was not the real me. It is good to be rediscovering the positive me. - Sam

You have helped me to get out of myself and find ways to be of service to others in ways that I didn’t think as service prior to this program. I have been more available to my family, and I have been more aware of how I can help them in their daily struggles. - Betty

Once again your words are perfect in my time of need, I am so grateful to have read your recent emails, I feel calm and a peace with myself. Thank you. Bless you. - Carley

Thank you Aaron, for being in my life too. I really enjoy reading your emails and find they do inspire me to be more thankful every day. - Sharon

Can’t say I’ve been perfect at implementing it, but the daily reminders are good and I look forward to the emails each morning to help me get motivated. - Derek

This program is helping me tremendously. I started with your book The Positive Thinking Secret and ever since I finished your book I found something to smile about almost all day everyday and I would like to thank you for that. - April

I also find it so difficult to stay positive (and motivated to keep positive) when I am under the weather or tired! So thankful to have your emails to keep me going and your honesty to remind me to not be too hard on myself. - Heather

Thank you so much for my first email. I was so excited to read it and as usual your writing struck a chord with me. It’s great to have faith and be grateful and understand that everything is beneficial towards us. - Leona

Just a note to thank your for your 5MMM program. I looked forward to this. I completely understand and believe this is a day to day journey, not something to do for a while and then your “cured.” - Kim

It became so clear to me how everything is conspiring for my benefit. It was soooo freeing to identify that pattern of punishment in my life and felt so relieved and good afterwards. Thanks for the work you do. - Mea

I have been listening to Aaron on his podcast for a few months now through his website and have grown to understand myself better. Thank you for putting this together Aaron. You are a great example! - Lincoln

I thank you for reminding me of the power we have on how to see life. I want to see life everyday as truly amazing. I am inspired to wait, listen and be ever loving patient as to see what my purpose is. - Rebecca

You have made my life so meaningful these past few weeks. I am learning to face my fears in my life and meet them head on. Thank you again for all you do. And by the way I think you are one amazing man. - Theresa

Everyday I am eager to see what my next teaching will be. Everything is simple enough to follow, and really makes a difference. Today is a gift and one of many in a truly amazing life! - David

Hi Aaron, I love it to be honest I feel so much more in control of my thoughts, I’ve been able too see those stressful days as part of a larger master plan of good things coming my way so thank you! - Jade

Thank you so much for this inspiring 30 day mental mastery. It has definitely made a positive change to my life and I will continue to practice my affirmations everyday. - Andy

Thank you so much for offering this program! So far I love the simplicity and how quick and easy it is to fit into a busy schedule. I have been at a very low point in my life and feeling overwhelmed with negative self-perceptions so this came to me at the perfect time. - Lori

I’m over the moon with my results, so much has changed mainly in my attitude towards challenging people. With your program, I am so much more able to let go of the need to be right and best of all I can practice GRATITUDE on a daily basis. - Stephanie

I am presently transferring to a new division in my Company. It is because of YOU – you help me to change my thought process. I THANK YOU for all you do and please continue to do what you do. Be blessed. - Sabrina

Aaron – this past week has been great – you have helped me formulate a plan – my mind is being transfixed from negative to positive. I now am starting to believe the best is ahead of me. I am a warrior and finisher! – Nate

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