a steady and reliable horse

We all fall down. We all get knocked off the horse.

But some of us don’t even have a reliable horse in the first place.

Do you have a reliable horse?

And do you get back on it and ride?


Day in and day out?


A reliable horse will take you to amazing places. But not if you don’t get on and ride. And if you don’t feed it, rest it, and take care of it.

A reliable horse will give you an amazing journey.

I love my horse!

My horse rocks. He’s super reliable.

I love that he’s always there for me. Even if I neglect him one day, he forgives and is eager to have me back in the saddle.

And I love getting back in.

It’s so great to know that saddle is always there, waiting for me to just strap it on and raise.

My horse is named Felix by the way.

I just named him that.

I didn’t ever think to name him until just now.

So why not Felix? That’s a cool name for a horse. I love Felix!

He’s so consistent.

So empowering.

So life giving.

He gets me where I want to go. Just as long as I get on.


I’ve had horses before that weren’t so reliable. They always ended up letting me down. Sure I’d get on them every day – they served me I guess – or I wouldn’t have kept them around. But they didn’t take me down good paths.

Always found the rockiest, most gnarly, tree-filled, thorny path through the forest.

Some horses just don’t have that horse sense, you know what mean?

Others do.

Felix has it.

Felix Rocks!

He navigates me on the best paths. I can totally trust felix to hook a brother up! I’m glad I didn’t think to name my old horses…makes it easier to not hold a grudge! J/K.

Not their fault I chose to rely on them now is it?


Yep, I love me a reliable horse!

’cause even when I fall off – or forget him for a day – I know he’s there to get me back on my way.

And sure enough, I jump on, and things start feeling pretty groovy again quick.

What’s your horse’s breed?

Felix is part meditation, part pen & paper, part exercise & healthy eating, & part visualization and affirmation.

He’s my habit horse.

And he hooks me up!

One old habit horse I rode for a time came from the distraction, junk food, stressing out about work, & working crazy hours to the neglect of my body stock.

He was nothing but trouble.

What’s your habit horse made of? And are you taking care of him?


5 Minute Mental Mastery can help.


Get back on the horse! And make sure it’s a reliable one;)

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