A poignant personal reminder after 3 days of allowing distraction to run the show

It’s ruthless.

It takes no prisoners.

It never sleeps.

Like an unstoppable bulldozer it just rolls over everything in its path.


Are you resisting it or riding the bulldozer?

Every day it just keeps on ticking.Never-ending like an unfixable faucet drip…each second.Drip. Drip. Drip.

Happening and then gone and done. Nothing we can do – the water drips into the hand and slips through fingers. There is no container.

It can’t be saved for later.

Only drank and enjoyed right now, then its gone.

Look away for one second and you miss it, that precious drop. That precious moment.

Swipe the lock screen on your phone and you’re sucked into the vortex of irresistible red notifications – lost to time and beholden to the world of distraction. Careful what you do with that thing! Are you still here? Come in, Houston? Did I lose you? Or your computer – that web browser – powerful tools, for good or ill. They should rightly come with a surgeon general warning: Use with caution – dream destruction possible if misused!

Distraction is the destroyer of your dreams.

Time is either on your side or against you…depending on how you use it.

You can drink every drop – and be filled and fulfilled

…Or wake up from a distraction coma starved, parched, and disconnected from your source of life.

Today – drink every drop.

Stay here.

Be vigilant. Keep your eyes on the prize – open. You know if you look away for a second those shiny objects will suck in your wandering mind before you can do anything about it.

Keep the blinders on – don’t look left, don’t look right.

Focus on your one priority.

Your life is on the line.

Drink the drop that’s falling right now. Don’t miss it.

Make today amazing.


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